Friday , 23 August 2019
Etsy Shop Branding: 5 Sections You MUST Have Copy Written

Etsy Shop Branding: 5 Sections You MUST Have Copy Written

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Etsy Shop Branding: 5 Sections you MUST have copy written

That title of mine sure does use a bunch-o jargon doesn’t it?

‘Branding’ and ‘copy’ are marketing industry terms (with super simple meanings) that stop a lot of small biz owners and crafty-preneurs in their tracks.

‘Cus, well, even though the meanings are complicated, the terms are a bit aggressive.

Thing is though, you don’t have to fear the jargon. You don’t have to guess what branding your Etsy shop means.


Etsy Shop Branding un-complicated

Branding is the emotional and psychological way you engage your customers.  Your Brand is your relationship with your customers which elicits emotions and opinions as a response.

Copy is the writing that explains/advertises/promotes a product, person and/ or service. So the words on most all websites, magazine ads, the scripts for TV ads, landing pages etc…is called copy.

Therefore, Etsy shop branding is defining the emotional relationship you have with your customers, (for this article’s purposes), through copy.

You don’t become a successful Etsy seller without it. I’m reaching out to show you that Etsy shop branding is not your logo, labels or color scheme.

Those are all representations of your brand.

I’m writing this to share with you how copy is the communication of your Etsy shop branding, from you to your customers.

Better still, which sections of your shop MUST be copy written so you make more sales, and more importantly, create more relationships.

Brand or Flail

I left my branding on the kitchen counter once.

I had a business. I was making some money. I was finding clients.

I also got very lost. This was eh, bout 6 years ago (or so).

It was pre my decision to focus on branding because it’s how I offer the maximum value to my clients. Before I offered my own products, when I was a pure copywriter.

Creating a service isn’t the hard part guys. It only takes moments to create a shop or set-up a blog. So that’s not universally hard either.

The thing is though, when you want to help people; when your passion is filled with conviction, tenacity and you get excited about what you’re offering, your goal is a brand.

Even if you don’t know it yet.

Brands don’t just sell stuff. Top selling Etsy shops aren’t just selling stuff.

They’re building relationships. On and off of Etsy.

So if you think it’s too much, takes too much time and energy to do all of that, you’ll likely never have a truly successful business.

Customers are demanding you give them more. Especially when in this economy, your offering is a dime a dozen.

Etsy Shop Branding even in a Copy Cat Economy

Isn’t that the truth.

We are definitely in a copycat economy.

I get it. We the people need stuff.

So marketers give us a plethora of options that, for the most part, do the same thing.

And these marketers still manage to gain a piece of the revenue pie.

The ones that do it right, even carve out a loyal piece of that pie.

Copywriting is how you communicate your message to your customers.

Done right it answers your customer’s most pressing questions: So what, what’s in it for me? Why are you so special?

Your products are in the largest ocean of handmade crafts/services possible.

Etsy is the largest online marketplace of handmade/vintage goods and services.

Saying you have competition is beyond an understatement.

You can get from under another shop’s shadow and take a piece of the Etsy marketplace pie.

You just have to know HOW.

Everyone’s selling their advice now. I was in an Etsy forum the other day and no one would directly answer the question, “how many times do you relist a day and see improvements in sales?”

That pissed me off.

As a professional in branding and a copywriter I know to give the goods up, up front.

Tell the secrets. Prove you’re worth your expert status.

I know that even when I do so, people flock to order because they either can’t, or won’t implement it themselves.

I sell my services too. My shop BrandedVoice is the only Etsy shop offering the branding side of copywriting.

BUT I’m still going to tell you what 5 sections you’ve gotta have copy written and I’ll even say why.

Because you have a right to be informed. Education shouldn’t always cost you a life’s savings.

Here we go.


5 Sections You Must Have Copy Written

1. Etsy Shop Title

I think this one is a no brainer. You’ve probably read a ton of material on how powerful a title or headline is. How strategic they are. Your Etsy shop title is your brand’s USP=unique selling proposition.

It should explain exactly how your business is different from the other Etsy shops. In one little sentence.

If you sell hand painted vintage furniture, like hundreds of other shops, but each piece has a history. Be the shop that tells the furniture’s story. Separate yourself. Be the “shop that does that”.

2. Shop Announcement

First Impressions guide your progress. Your shop announcement is the first two lines customers will see (after your title) in Google search results.

Make it count. This is THE section you must have SEO’d. If you’ve done your research properly, you should know what your USP is. You should know what you offer to a T.

Having this section copy written is non-negotiable and it’s the section you should definitely put the effort into.

3. Introducing Shop About Sections

If there was any section that breaths communication and breeds engagement, this is it!

More visible than the profile section, the about section for Etsy shops is the space for your customers to get to know the person behind the brand.

Use this opportunity to show your personality. Tell your story. Tell your brands story.

The about section should be copy written in the same layout as a regular about page of a website.

  • About the customer
  • About the service/product (history, backstory)
  • About how you want to help them

4. Product Titles & Descriptions

The title and descriptions of your Etsy shop products is arguably a top factor in increasing your sales.

No one buys because they thought about it rigorously.

We buy because we have an emotional connection to the brand of a product we happen to be able to use.

Product descriptions that don’t speak to me, don’t get my dollars.

My guess is you feel the same way.

It’s just a fact.

5. Off Site Promotions: SEO, Backlinks, Blogging, Guest Posts

Okay this isn’t a shop section, but it’s as important as all four listed above.

Honest it is.

The off-site promotion of your Etsy shop is the cornerstone of brand awareness.

If no one can find you, no one can purchase.

I can almost guarantee that if you haven’t done any off-site promotion your Etsy shop performance is mediocre at best.

Have a press release written, actually, have more than one.

Get your social media strategy going. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter: the trifecta for image based product marketing.

You absolutely need a blog post or an entire blog dedicated to your expertise.

So if you make handmade jewelry you can have a guest post on the best recycled material for jewelry linking back to your Etsy shop listings on a niche blog.

And make sure you’re curating these articles on, and blog engage (if your posts focus in running your online shop/blog).

Whew, done.

Etsy shop branding condensed into a blog post. Hopefully, now you have a naked understanding of what branding actually means for your business.

It’s more than the logo, more than the color scheme.

Not building your brand on Etsy means you risk valuable relationships. Oh, and of course sales.

Don’t be that crafty-preneur. Now that you’re armed with the education go forth and brand responsibly.

What’s the biggest challenge you face with your Etsy shop? Maybe I can help-let me know in your comment.


Hey, hey! I’m Mys, a branding copywriter. My Etsy Shop BrandedVoice is the one and ONLY shop providing the branding side of copywriting. I’m an author, entrepreneur, daughter, shower singer, significant other, best friend, branding copywriter and crafty-preneur advocate. I build small business personalities through copy and consulting. Not sure where to start on Etsy? Tired of making mediocre sales at best? You need help. And not an ebook or how-to post but hands on, one-on-one Top Etsy Shop Consulting. Connect with me socially for updates tailored to entrepreneurs with moxi!


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  1. Great article, I’ll have to revisit some of these items soon in my shop.

  2. Wow! This is a thoroughly helpful blog post. It is about time I take things to this level.

    • Hiya Amanda!

      Aww shucks *blushing* thanks bunches! I’m happy that you found it helpful, and thorough. I was a bit nervous this being my first GP on the fantastic handmadeology and all.

      Every shop needs to be branded. If you want more than sales it’s a must. Keep reading this blog because it’s invaluable during this process.

      Reach out if you need any advice or a sounding board okay?

      Enjoy your week Amanda.

  3. Thank you for this article. It’s got some good suggestions. I’ll be taking this and going back to both our website and Pinterest and re-writing some of the copy there.
    I’ve been holding off on setting up on Etsy, because I’m not sure yet what makes us stand out from the crowd in handmade, native-based beadwork. That type of work is everywhere. We started this little enterprise years ago, and while I don’t mind being a driving force, I’m still trying to work out what makes us different. We’re proud of our commitment to quality, because I hate crap as much as anyone, but everyone claims to have the best. We believe in giving handmade for gifts, instead of some quick thing from Wally-World, but how do I translate that to our beadwork? We have a new blog, we’re on Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook and have our own website, also new. I’ve been scouring other beadwork sites, but very little out there excites me enough to leave sincere comments.
    So how do I make a good impression, leave a mark and excite people about our own crafts enough to become customers?
    Thanks for your expertise!

    • Hi Carolyn!

      My apologies for getting back to you a bit late. Busy, busy week I’ve had.

      So…I checked out your blog. Love the voice in your writing tone btw!

      I think your immediate stand out is history. The native american niche, extending bead work from one generation to the next, history in a nutshell.

      How you translate that: There’s a couple of processes you go through when discovering a usp=unique selling proposition. I revealed one a bit back on my blog. Try it out-

      There’s more goodies like that one to be found on my blog all for free.

      Implementing it though, I can help with on a professional level. I’m always around the web someplace (my blog or twitter are the likely places to reach me) so feel free to try out the exercise in the post. Email me directly with questions, kay?

      Enjoy the weekend Carolyn!

  4. Thanks. I need to redo my etsy shop announcement for starters.

    • Hey Tessa!

      Have you filled out your about page too? The trifecta=shop announcement, profile, about. I know it can be a pain in the bum but it’s gotta get done!

      I’d love to check it out once you’re finished Tessa.

      Get cracking. But hey, take break and enjoy the weekend too!

  5. This was a good read and thank you kindly for writing an informative article. l tried facebook, pinterest, twitter and other sites for promoting my jewellery, but l have had very little success. Thanx to reading this l feel l have some ideas of where l have gone wrong or missing the mark. l am changing my shop announcement for one thing!

    • Hi Laura,

      *Nods in agreement* don’t take this the wrong way now, but there are only two reasons social media doesn’t work or becomes stagnent. Content and consistency.

      Either you were diverse in what you posted and just gave up too soon (or had a poor posting schedule). Or you consistently posted all about your work, which I’m sure is fantastic, but isn’t diverse enough.

      70%-20%-10% Post 70% of the time about stuff you find interesting across the web that your audience will find useful. 20% reposting stuff from colleagues etc… and only 10% your promotional stuff.

      If you were rocking them both I’m stumped, lol.

      You can read up on the suggestion above here-

      Have an awesome night and weekend Laura and I hope to get to you and your biz better really soon okay? Lata…

  6. Thank you your article is clear, concise and helpful it is appreciated.

  7. Wow! What a mind burst of information! I will be pouring over all this before I go live on my etsy shop! Great timing for me personally to find this!
    Thanks again!

    • Hiya Amanda!

      Ooooh new Etsy shops are so fun. i’m glad you found this article right in time. I do my best to give free guidance to fellow shop owners because copy can get expensive ya know?

      I’m round the web if you need me Have a great day Amanda and good luck with your shop!

  8. This is wonderful information. Thank you for putting branding into a new context. I usually hear about how pictures and banners and packaging should all be cohesive, and “that’s” branding, but thinking about it in terms of a relationship and emotional connection makes a lot of sense to me. I think building my brand is something that will probably take me a while to get just right though. Etsy has been a wide learning curve for me, and I know there are so many things that can be improved on. Do you think you could elaborate on what sort of things should be covered in the About section? I have the nagging feeling mine’s not that appealing, but I’m at a loss how to make it better. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much Echo!

      I think branding is pretty confusing even for veterans. At least in my circle of folks so this post was really near and dear to me.

      I’m just thankful it’s been received so well.

      Tell you what, I’ve got your etsy shop up so I’ll respond to your question there. That way it will be more personalized okay?

      Thanks for your comment and i hope I can help. Have a great day!

  9. Thanks for this info. I have an Etsy shop and sales are up one month and almost nil the next. I need to figure out what works and what I am doing wrong! I have started a blog, don’t know what to write, but have facebook, twitter and all the bells and whistles but wonder do all these help? Does it help to hav eduplicate items in the shop just to put more out there? I feel like I am drowning!

  10. I don’t usually click out of facebook but I’m glad I did this time. Wow! I didn’t realize that the announcement showed up in Google, or that I needed to be *on* it there as far as SEO goes. I guess I gotta get on that.

    I keep seeing that I need a blog. I just don’t know what I would write about. I feel like the blog world, like Etsy, already has so many other people doing the same thing. I don’t know what I can write that isn’t already written, I guess is what I’m saying.

    This was a great article and really helpful for me. I just need to brainstorm the whole blogging thing a little more I guess.

  11. Thank you for a great article. What do you do if you can’t write and don’t have a blog?

  12. Great ideas. I especially like the Press Releases and Guest Blogging. I’ll look into that now! :-)

  13. Great article , thanks for the top tips. I have been working on my “voice” and branding for my etsy shop-, its a slow process but I think I am getting there =)

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