Friday , 23 August 2019
Imagine just for a moment your Etsy shop had 32,000 sales!!!! That amount of sales would change your handmade business and life!!

Etsy Tips from Top Sellers ( 32,000 SALES )

Fresh Fig and Almond Goat's Milk Soap


Imagine just for a moment your Etsy shop had 32,000 sales!!!! That amount of sales would change your handmade business and life!! Today we have some tips from one of the the top handmade soap sellers on Etsy ….Lisa from Savor . <<<< PLEASE click over to her shop!

Established in 2007, Savor offers an entirely hand-crafted line of soaps, lotions, body mists, bath cupcakes and scrubs — all made by Lisa, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Savor a Featured Seller on Etsy.

1. Engaging photos that show the soul of your work. Don’t forget that your photographs are an advertisement and need to entice your buyers.

2. Keep a full inventory with as much stock as possible, to give your buyers choices and promote multiple purchases.

3. Ship quickly, professionally, and with the utmost care.


I have been teaching creative business owners how to sell on Etsy since 2007. From blog posts and books, to one on one coaching ,I have done it all.

I along with Jason, author of Etsypreneurship am super excited to announce the launch of Handmadeology Pro.

Handmadeology Pro provides education and empowerment for handmade business owners that are serious about improving their business through video tutorials, downloadable tools (spreadsheets and forms), and relevant eBooks and articles.

We live and breathe Etsy . . . Handmadeology Pro is our creative outlet to empower you to succeed. We believe everyone can run a successful business on Etsy-it takes three personal characteristics: hard work, time, and passion. When you put these traits together with the right knowledge, tools, and confidence-you’re on your way to fulfilling your handmade business dreams!

We have brought together every tool, resource, ebook, article, and training and put it all together in one amazing site. Over 45 amazing resources!

With the holiday season fast approaching we want you to see your handmade business thrive and not just survive. So…. we are offering our entire Handmadeology Pro library to you at a HUGE discount.

You can find all the details HERE over on site.

And yes that is a “sales” page … but there is no fancy video, amazing graphics to wow you into buying the life time membership.

Instead we tell you what get and you make the decision if it’s right for your Etsy business or not.

We would love to see you there.



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  1. Not everyone is gangbusters to be high volume sellers. I wouldn’t want to sell that much. It would no longer be fun or inspiring to create in that manner for me. But wonderful for those that want to go in that direction.

  2. All I can say is WOW when I see numbers like these top sellers have accomplished! I only hope that we can achieve this kind of success on Etsy with our magnets.

    Fredda at The Magnificent Magnet

  3. Yes……but what about being lost in a sea of mass produced items? No matter how many tips, tricks, and how to’s are out there THAT problem is a big one. It’s not being solved and unfortunately its probably going to get a whole lot worse…..

  4. I totally agree with Piper- the resellers are really a problem. Even when I report an item/shop to Etsy (complete with link to Alibaba, usually), Etsy does nothing. It’s incredibly frustrating to those of us that make things with our own two hands.

  5. Etsy is one of my best selling shops…

    No wonder so many people uses it !

  6. Thanks for such great tips. I’ve found them incredibly useful, and have started working on improving the photography of my items as a result.

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