Wednesday , 28 October 2020

Facebook and Twitter Marketing Tips

Day 8 of the Brilliant Marketing Tricks Blog Series

Marketing tips for your Facebook and Twitter

This is literally a revolution!

This means that the direct sale without dialogue and reputation will become almost impossible and consequently the user, which will be increasingly aware of his ability to choose and to express opinions (good and bad – and he does both offline and online) on a service or a product, has the real power in his hands.

Day seven:

How to Use Video to Market Your Business Online

Day six in the Brilliant Marketing Tricks Blog Series brings us to Mallory’s blog Miss Malaprop .  Mallory talks about how to market your creative business locally.

Using Local Events to Promote Your Business!

Day five in the Brilliant Marketing Tricks Blog Series brings us back to Heartmade with Mayi.

30 Sticky Tricks to Market your Online Shop

Be sure to check out everyday.  This series is jam packed full of info to help skyrocket your creative biz!

Day four in the Brilliant Marketing Tricks Blog Series.

Tara Gentile of Scoutiegirl.   how to market your service with a magnifying lens

Day three .

Podcasts and Interviews: The Skool of Life

Taking the icky out of PR schticky : Miss Modish

Day two.

Why Relationships Matter More Than Any Other Marketing Tactic

Day one.

E-Bookology – The Formula to a Killer E-Book


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  1. A great series, Tim. I particularly think that social media is an important cog in developing a good, robust direct marketing campaign. By teaming up with the more ‘traditional’ approaches, these two vehicles will serve as a relationship builder that can lead to long-term sales growth. I believe a recent blog by an automotive direct marketing firm best explains the topic quite well: being proactive.

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