Wednesday , 23 May 2018

Facebook Graph Search Tour – First Look


I was checking my news feed on Facebook tonight and got a little surprise!  I signed up for the beta testing for the new Fcaebook Graph Search and I now have access, so I put together a little video of the walk through!

Click the pic below to watch the video.

Source: via Tim on Pinterest


Here is the new look for the Facebook header.   Right where you see my name is where you will start typing for the search.

facebook graph search

One of the features I sis not cover in the video was the integrated Bing search right on Facebook.


facebook graph search bing


With the announcement of Facebook’s new Graph Search, I wanted to make sure everyone is up to speed on how to optimize their fanpages and posts.

I put this 10 page check list together and you can pick up your copy HERE.




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