Tuesday , 21 January 2020

Find A Craft/Art Show Near You With These Helpful Sites

Fall is in the air and for those of us who are not frantically making and crating for up coming craft shows, it would be nice to know where craft  and art shows are taking place in our area.  Where do you find craft and art show? How do you know you want to even attend a show?  I have but together a list of sites that will help buyers and crafters find more craft and art show. Support your local artists and crafters!

1. ArtFairCalender.com

Here is a great site that lists fine art show around the United States.  This site is free, and provides good info on a ton of shows. There is also a mailing list you can sign up for.

find a fine art show

2. thecraftshows.org

This site has a large list of craft show throughout the US.  The have show details, phone numbers,  websites, and more. You can even add an event.

find an art show

3. eastcoastartisan.com

Here are shows on the east coast.  You will find dates and links to shows.  They too have an email list.

find an east coast

4.  fairsandfestivals.net

Great site where you can search shows in your area.  Lost of details and easy to navigate.  You can sign up for their upgrade, but the free gives you enough info.

find an art fair

5.  artfairsourcebook.com

Over 1300 fairs to search around the US. Detailed search options. Nice calender layout.

find a craft show online

6.  craftlister.com

Nice list of shows.  Uses Google maps nicely. There is a membership, but the free version has good info.

craft show directory

7.  indiecraftshows.com

List of indie craft shows in the US.

indie craft show list

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  1. Unless, I’m doing something horribly wrong, none of the sites worked that well and varied in information. One even required sign-up before providing info. :(

    • I checked through tons of sites and these were the best I could find without paying. Not sure why you are having problems. Some do have sign ups, but they all will give free info. Sometimes just finding out about a show and actually getting to the shows website is the best way. Then you can contact the shows director personally via phone or email to get more detailed info.

  2. I’ve also done quite a bit of research on different sites that list craft shows. Here’s a list of what I have found:


    My pick for winner: Funky Finds – who beat me to the punch adding application open and due dates for shows around the nation:


  3. Since I’m sure you have subscribers from all over, here’s an Aussie link for shows, events and markets:


    It’s not like a calendar, more a register of different events in different areas and contact details and web links for them. It’s by no means comprehensive but it’s somewhere to start.

    It has links to similar sites in the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

    One of the more intriguing items I saw listed there was “Nefertiti – Artists Wanted”.

    And here’s a link to a nice-looking site that is more of a calendar but seems to be more of a “what’s on this weekend” type guide.


    It also has links to Canadian, European, UK and US events…though last time I looked, Brooklyn wasn’t in Europe!

  4. Thanks for the link! We have been putting more and more information online. Our enews letter (free sign-up) is archived so you can look back through those for additional shows plus we just recently went on Facebook (search for either Judy Standerford or East Coast Artisan) and put links to shows there as soon as we get the info from the promoter/sponsor.

    Thanks again and let us know if we can do anything more to help promote art/craftshows.

  5. Any and all information is helpful. Thanks for the guidance!!

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