Sunday , 24 January 2021
The success of your business lies within you. What is your unique business identity and how does it direct your business’ path?

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Your Business Identity

The success of your business lies within you.

Your business identity ecourse

What is your unique business identity and how does it direct your business’ path?
Your Business Identity is a free email-based coursework created by me (Tim of Handmadeology) to help you know yourself and uncover tips for reaching your business’ goals. In one short (and entertaining) week, I’ll guide you through these topics:

  • Your Introvert or Extrovert Temperament: Are you aware of the ways your personality can help or hurt your business?
  • Your Business Adventure – Risk Tolerance Levels: How does your sense of adventure limit or hurt your business?
  • Your Personal Renewal Style: How do you stay fresh when you are tired or burnt out from your business?
  • Your Spending Behaviors: How does the way you spend money impact your business’ finances?
  • And more!

I’ve created these short personality quizzes, self-assessment tests, and exercises to help you discover the success that lies only within you and reveal practical ways to apply what you learn to your business’ operations.
Being keenly self-aware is often difficult and as entrepreneurs transferring that knowledge to the way we operate our businesses can be tricky at best. I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned so far on this entrepreneurial journey and hopefully help you awaken your hearts and mind to find your own business identity that leads to success!

“I had so much fun taking the personality quizzes! I had no idea my introverted nature could be such a strength to my business!” – Katie

“Practical insight that is already helping me make better business decisions.” –Christina

Begin to discover your business identity by entering your first name and email address.

(Remember, Handmadeology will never sell or abuse your email address—I hate spam as much as you do).

Warm Regards,

Tim Adam ( & TimothyAdamDesigns)

Day 5 now includes for FREE one of the best marketing ebooks on the market:

We all know that marketing is key to getting exposure for your Etsy shop.  A few months ago I had the privilege to contribute to what I fell is the best marketing e-book available. I am offering this to you as part of this course for completely FREE.
About the ebook:

I’ve teamed up with 10 highly successful out-of-this-world creative entrepreneurs to bring you the most amazing + brilliant marketing series out there. Marketing tactics that really work + make you money!

The goal of the book is to teach you a whole lot about marketing to help your creative biz sky rocket to new heights + share with you some awesome marketing tips + strategies that are highly
profitable. In this book you will find the marketing tricks that have really brought much success to the participating creative authors + show you how to put the ideas into action. No abstractions or theoretical bull crap, this is practicality at is best. why a book about marketing?

Creative entrepreneurs + makers have a hard time coming up with ideas for marketing their business. It’s the number one question I’m asked by my peers + novices, alike. It comes up in
workshops + forums + one-on-one sessions + in casual conversations. The subject of marketing seems to always be on our minds, so I wanted to tackle it head on in this book collaborative. 

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  1. These questions are thought provoking… especially as I make my art festival applications for this coming summer

  2. Look forward to taking the quizzes. Thanks!

  3. Thank you I have found myself getting burn out lot of other stuff going on at home its hard to stay with it,you are alife saver

  4. How exciting! I am ready to dig deeper and find out what I’m made of :)

  5. Hi Tim,

    Sorry I missed this the day it came out; I tried to submit the link but it will not confirm it.

    I would like to receive the course if is not too late. Thanks,


  6. I’ve used personality styles/identity assessments to improve other areas of my life, and am looking forward to the insights I will gain. And marketing advice is always welcome, timely, and practical. Thanks for sharing your ideas and expertise with us.

  7. I cannot wait to try it!!! i am alll over the place…. but i can barely see from lack of sleep…..
    Best of Life,

  8. Thanks Tim for sharing. Can’t wait to begin.

  9. I got on the list a week ago and did not recieve days 2-4. Can you resend them please?

  10. Well thank you for sharing your wisdom. I have learned that I am an introvert which is kinda cool. And explains why I like quiet time. Thank you again for sharing look forward to the rest of the course.


  11. Hi Tim, I added my name and addy but it says I’m already subscribed (from a previous e-course I guess), so I have not received any instructions or confirmation. How do I sign up to receive the e-course? Thank you for your excellent ideas and help!

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