Saturday , 23 June 2018

Funky Photo Stands How-to

Funky Photo Stands

By Christine Lehto


Wire cutters


Wire, 14-guage galvanized

Masking tape

Apoxie® Sculpt

Small amount of olive oil or latex gloves


Clear glaze


Super glue

Use a wire cutters to cut three pieces of wire: two pieces each approximately 14″ in length and one piece approximately 24″ in length.

With a pliers begin to coil the wire pieces as shown in photo one. On the uncoiled end of the two smaller pieces, make a 90 degree bend. Using masking tape, attach all three wire pieces together to form a standing piece.

Next mix together Apoxie Sculpt (see photo two). Apoxie Sculpt comes in two parts, A & B. Roll an equal sized ball of part A & part B. Shape into logs. Begin mixing by twisting the log pieces together. Make sure to mix the Apoxie for at least two minutes.

After the Apoxie is thoroughly mixed. Add the Apoxie to the wire stand (photo three). At this point don’t worry too much about the wire placement. After this first coat of Apoxie is hardened, you can work on slightly shaping/bending the wires. Allow the Apoxie to cure for at least 5 hours.

When the Apoxie has hardened, work on adjusting/reshaping the wires to your preference. Then mix another batch of Apoxie. After it is mixed cover it over the first layer that has hardened. Select your color of glitter you want to use on the stand. Dip your finger into the glitter and begin rubbing the glitter onto the surface of the freshly covered Apoxie surface. Apoxie acts like an adhesive during the first half hour of curing, so the glitter will stick to the surface.

Allow the Apoxie to harden for a few hours. Next add a coat of clear glaze over the glittered surface of the stand.

When the glaze had dried, use super glue to add beads to the coiled ends of the stand and the coiled section at the top of the stand to display the photo.

Now you can use your stand to display a favorite photo, a recipe card or you can give it away as a gift.

Christine creates a variety of fun and functional hand-made, sculpted magnets and writing pens at her Etsy store, Lilly Bug Boutique. Creating mini pieces such as pretzels, cakes, popsicles, animals and other objects brings a lot of joy and satisfaction into her life. She hopes that others will find a contagious delight in her artwork.

During the last two years Christine has written magazine articles for Create & Decorate, Cloth Paper Scissors and Stitch Craft Create. She enjoys exploring a variety of creative activities from watercolors & sculpting to up-cycling materials like burned out light bulbs, empty bottles and cereal boxes. There are always ideas brewing in Christine’s mind. You can find some of her ideas at her blog, Lilly Bug Blog, where her spokes-bunny Ralphie gives updates on the goings on at her studio.




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