Tuesday , 16 October 2018

Gifts For The Knitter In Your Life

Give the knitter in your life something special for Christmas this year! Here is a collection of items that any knitter would appreciate.

These gorgeous knitting needles are handcrafted with dyed, laminated hardwood, in a blend of lavender shades.

This knitting needle roll-up is made with organic linen, and beautifully embellished, and will hold all the knitting needles you need to take with you wherever you go!

This tote is a great way to hold yarn and accessories. Measuring 8″ wide X 18″ long X 4″ deep, it will hold up to 17 inch knitting needles, 3 or 4 balls of yarn, and has pockets for holding patterns and other accessories.

A lovely hand thrown yarn bowl would thrill any knitter. Keeps your yarn from getting tangled and allows you to work smoothly and quickly with ease.

This knitting pattern is so cute! This knitted baby swaddler pattern is a great gift for a knitter who likes to knit gifts! 

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One comment

  1. I love the yarn bowl, should hint to my family that it would make a great gift for me :)

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