Monday , 25 January 2021

Google Analytics Under The Magnifying Glass – An In Depth Look For Etsy Sellers

Gnome Magnified - 8x10 Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

Gnome Magnified – 8×10 Original Signed Fine Art Photograph | by: birdandbloke

Google Analytics Under The Magnifying Glass – An In Depth Look For Etsy Sellers

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can be very useful if you know what you are looking at.  I have used GA on blogs, websites, and my Etsy shops for years, and it has helped me understand where my traffic is coming from and helped me focus my marketing efforts.   GA will help you understand how your shoppers find your Etsy shop, when they arrive, what items are getting the most traffic, and tons more..  I have put together a 11  minute  video that walks you through GA.  I show you what you should paying attention to and what in the world it all means.  11 mins won’t cover it all, but hopefully you will have a better understanding of Google Analytics!

You can make the video full screen.. Click the expand button in the bottom right corner. 

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  1. My homework has arrived! Time to dig in!

    This is too cool, thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. OK – off to take a peek at my analytics page and create some new reports for my own shop!! Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much!! This is so helpful. I’ve never understood Google analytics!!

  5. Wow,and I thought I had a pretty good handle on Google Analytics! I had two screens up at the same time; one on which I was watching the video, and another where I had one of my GA sites up. I did all the things you were suggesting while watching the video. Thank you, Adam, for the video tutorial. I hope you do another one soon. This one was great!

  6. Ah, a few more mysteries solved. Thank you!

  7. Awesome, thanks so much! I had no idea at all what it was all about (just heard it mentioned in Etsy forums 4 million times) so this gives me a great base to leap from. Wee!

  8. Thank you so much, Timothy. This tutorial has been incredibly helpful. I’m sure I’m like most people who understands two or three things in their analytics but abandon the rest of the data because we don’t understand what it means. This has been such a goldmine of info!

  9. Wow, that was super helpful! Thanks, Timothy!

  10. Thanks for the very informational and helpful video!

  11. Great information! thanks

  12. Thanks Timothy for helping me to understand and process what I am looking at when I look at my GA stats!

  13. Another great tutorial!! Thanks, Handmadeology!

  14. Thank you so much! I have been mulling on how to understand GA and this was so helpful

  15. thanks so much, excellent tutorial.

  16. Thanks for the video tute. This has helped me so much!!


  17. Great tips. Thanks for sharing them.

  18. The video is great – but I don’t understand how to install the tracking code – paste it where? Please help… :(

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