Sunday , 24 June 2018
Handmade Top 10 - Top Category Challenge . Here is your chance to win ad space on Handmadeology, Handmade Top 10, and in the Handmadeology Magazine. Enter your Etsy items and

Handmade Top 10 – Top Category Challenge

handmade top 10 challenge


We just  released our latest challenge over on Handmade Top 10 .  Unlike the recent  Etsy Team Challenge, this challenge will be open to all Etsy sellers.

We are taking the top 10 categories from Etsy ( accessories, art, bags and purses, children, clothing, housewares, jewelry, paper goods, supplies, vintage) , letting the Etsy community make the lists,  and letting the public decide who the winners are!

This new challenge will show off our newest type of top list… the Versus List.


The top 2 items from each of the 10 categories will receive the following.

Winners will receive:

1 month 1 item ad space on Handmade Top 10

1 ad space in the August issue of Handmadeology Magazine

Bonus winners!!

The 2 items with the most votes from the combined categories will also receive an ad space on Handmadeology.

The winners will be announced on the 28th of July.

New to Handmade Top 10?

Check out information page where you will find all the answers  to your questions .  We have put together informational videos that explain how to add items and more.

Want to become sponsor and place an ad on Handmade Top 10?

During our challenges our sponsors get great exposure.  Sponsor ad show up on the front page and in the voting process.

Check out our Sponsor Info Guide and our sponsor page for more details.




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  1. Ok…I’m sure you’ve made it clear enough, but I am having a hard time what the challenge is about. Or…I should say how etsy sellers can be a part of it. I looked at your information page and have not been able to figure out what I should be doing to participate.

    Or is it more like the Etsy front page?

    • Hi ‘you-lee-ana’ ~ I see this is over a month old, so you probably have resolved it already…. but, just in case..

      I also had a difficult time finding how to get featured… as I could not find the link. Funny enough, when I clicked to see your comment was when I noticed at the very tippy top of the page, there is a tab for “Get Featured”. It is so close to my toolbar that I totally missed it as well.

      Anyway, just letting you know that it is there at the top…. sort of hidden in plain sight. Cheers

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