Thursday , 21 February 2019
Over 260 pages packed full of Etsy tips, DIY how-tos, and handmade and vintage gift ideas found on Etsy.

Handmadeology Magazine March 2011 Issue

Handmadeology March 2011

March 2011 yielded 130 articles on Handmadeology.  Written by our team and submitted by bloggers from around the handmade community, Handmadeology is more than just a blog, it’s a resource. With the volume of articles published every month it is difficult to glean all the information.   My passion is to help crafters and artists reach their goals and strive for success,  so  I have put the best of the best articles in a PDF  magazine format.  You will find all the helpful articles and even handmade and vintage gift ideas straight from Etsy all in one place.

This PDF magazine is easy to navigate with the clickable table of contents right at the beginning.    Being that this is a PDF magazine all the links are clickable, so you will be able to easily visit all the sites and check out all the cool featured Etsy items with a click of your mouse.

How can you get your hands on a copy?

1.  If you are subscribed to Handmadeology’s news letter you will get a free copy.   Sign up HERE (copies get emailed once per month)

2.  We will also have copies for sale in our Etsy shop for $2.99 .  Buy and help support Handmadeology HERE.

What are our readers saying about Handmadeology:

“I’ve been following Handmadeology for quite a while now and it is packed full of great information for people like myself that are artists and salespersons on Etsy or other online shops. I’d fully recommend this site to anyone who wants more ideas and suggestions to build there handmade, homemade business online!” upcyclefiberarts

“This is a site I go to every day to find actionable tips for tweaking my shop. I am sure even the more seasoned sellers (I’ve been on since 2006) will learn and grow with this gold mine of evergreen helps. You’ll also be treated to gorgeous treasury collections where you will find more fantastic artisans to drool over and a community of super motivated sellers to talk shop with. Love. Love. Love.” ThingsAreLovely

“handmadeology is an absolutely essential resource for Etsy sellers… they’ve done so much of the legwork to help artisans reach their full selling potential on Etsy! amazing… and thank you!” Deirdre Thornton

“Not only is the site gorgeous, but it sweeps you off your feet with the quality of the information at hand. Its a site I go to when I don’t want to get much sleep at night. Honestly. Amazing.” ms.eva.luna

“Every morning I sit down with a cup of joe and read the lastest on Handmadeology. There is a great wealth of valuable information, its a must read, must follow for anyone who is in in the handmade market.” trashn2tees

Advertising opportunities for Etsy sellers.

We are excited to announce that our magazine will be sent out to over 10,000 subscribers.  In the April issue we are going to open up ad space.

We have  put together a great opportunity for Etsy sellers to promote their Etsy shops in our monthly magazine.

Advertising options:

Full page:  $150

Example:  This as will take up then entire page in the magazine… this one is not the normal size.

You will get your Etsy shop banner, 6 item images, a connection hub, complete write up, and a picture of you.  All the pics and links are clickable.

Quarter Page:  $65

Example: This is the actual size

The Quarter page ad includes your Etsy banner and 4 etsy items. The Banner and 4 items are clickable.

Small Ad: $15

Our small ads are designed to be affordable and add  fun treasury like pages to our magazine. Each image is clickable.

If you are interested in placing an ad in our April issue please visit this LINK, and fill out the form. We will send you our media kit packed full of information about Handmadeology, so you can make an educated decision on whether purchasing an ad space is right for you.


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  1. Just got my copy! Thanks Tim!

  2. A wonderful idea to make this PDF – clickable magazines are the new GREEN!

  3. For sure Kari… and it being a 260+ page magazine… that would be a ton of paper!

  4. WOW! Looking forward to reading through this! Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much! I’m settling in with my coffee to give it a read. :)

  6. looks fun! I have to get my pdf connection working… yes, there’s something wrong with my computer. Maybe I could read the mag. at work! The ads look enticing… {:-D

  7. I can’t wait to read my copy. Should I have received it already? I have been signed up with mailing list for a while.

  8. Interesting, I receive newsletter but not a free copy of March issue magazine. I’d love to check it out. Please help!

  9. So glad I’ve found you. You have really given me some great insight on many things! My to-do list is full! Just downloaded the magazine to my Kindle so I can read wherever I’m at! Thanks!

  10. Wow, saw this on FB, didn’t know it existed. I am too excited about it. Great idea ~ Rochell

  11. I also loaded mine on my Kindle. I have learned a lot from Tim and I am sure I will continue to learn. Only problem I am falling behind in my work. lol

  12. 1st off your blog is my new guilty pleasure-I love it –loads of information and lots of interesting people.

    The reason I’m writing is that I cannot seem to get the link to work for your magazine. It’s telling me “Site Requested is either unavailable or can’t be found. Please try again later. ” Is it me? Or was there a problem with the link? I really would like to read it.

  13. MAGAZINE!!! what a great idea!!!!!!

  14. Ok Tim, I need help! I get your Handmadeology emails, but what is the RSS Handmadeology Today Emails? And where do I sign up? Looked all over the Handmadeology site and can’t find a sign-up or a link. But then again, I am seriously computer challenged! Thanks for your help.

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