Friday , 23 August 2019
Handmadeology Market Goes Mobile

Handmadeology Market Goes Mobile

Handmadeology Market Goes Mobile

We are thrilled to share with you that Handmadeology Market is going mobile today. What this means is that our customers can shop in all forms of screen may it be computer, tablet, or smartphone. It gives the convenience to our customer to shop with you at any time from any device. We have made significant updates to the market:

  • Universal navigation on the top for customers to search, single sign-in and universal shopping
  • Modern user experience and navigation
  • Mobile shopping from browsing to purchasing the products
  • Better Advertising on the home page
  • Easy for customer to manage all their transactions in one place
  • Easy to list your coupons on Handmadeology Market

With the mobile ready market, the user experience automatically configures on small screens such that the visitor can browse your products/services easily and make purchases seamlessly. Transactions on mobile devices including smartphones, and tablets are steadily growing and it was important that we accommodate this trend.
As for your storefront, all storefronts will be automatically updated to the new mobile ready stores. After we launch on mobile, you will need to do the following to ensure your storefront is complete:

1.    New banner for your storefront: The size is 960 pixel wide. The height has been left open so you can design as you please.

2.    Update your contact information: Ensure that your bio, contact information and store policies are filled. You can also add testimonials so show on your “About” page.

3.    Add more products to store. What we have seen is the store with less than 2-3 products are not getting any sales.

  1. Add coupons so we can share and attract new customers.

Want to learn more about the mobile ready stores, see the recorded webinar by Meylah : Getting your stores mobile ready

Create your store and start sharing your products on Handmadeology Market.

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