Wednesday , 23 May 2018

Handmadeology Product Photography Contest

photo contest


Handmadeology Product Photography Contest!    Enter to win a years worth of advertising on the Handmadeology blog.


Get your creative business in front of our audience!


1. Post your photo in the comments HERE on our fan page.
2. Spread the word to your friends and fans.
3. Get as many likes on your photo as you can!!!

The winner will be the photo with the most likes at the end of next week.  June 6th 2014.

The winner will receive one years worth of advertising on the Handmadeology blog.

Please read the official rules here.

 If you are looking for Product Photography Tips click here.



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  1. Original HANDMADE Colorful Summer Shawl Crochet Pattern by Made With Love By Jackie Moon:


    I love Handmadeology. Kind Finds. I am donating a percentage of ALL of my sales to to help heal a beautiful person / friend Suzanne Ferrara, who has stage 4 cancer in her lungs, which has recently metastasized into her lymph nodes. This could be any of us. Pay it Forward! Open your heart. This could be any of us at anytime.

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