Sunday , 9 August 2020
Groupon-style site for Etsy, just launched. Get in on the ground level of this new site. = Groupon for Etsy


Heartsy.Me: The Groupon-like Site for Handmade

I stumbled upon when it popped up alongside my Facebook profile. The advertisement said 50% off Handmade Jewelry, and I couldn’t resist. I clicked through to find an Etsy seller featured and I was immediately intrigued! was advertising gift certificates at 50% off face value.

I was suspicious at first, but if someone is starting up a Groupon-style site for Etsy, I wanted in on the ground level. I submitted my shop information immediately as I continued to click around. I was selected for feature and contacted within the day by a representative at Heartsy who explained how the deal works.

Once you’re selected as a featured seller, you create and submit 25 gift certificates at a dollar amount (I created $40 certificates). Then, Heartsy buys those gift certificates at half price. They pay upfront before wiring up or promoting your offer and then they re-sell those certificates to their members. Your shop honors each gift certificate as it comes through your online storefront, adjusting any balances that might have run over the original gift certificate amount via Paypal invoices.

I contacted the seller on Etsy who was featured when I discovered Heartsy, and she had wonderful things to say about her experience. She was paid in full and the offers led to many additional sales. Not only that, with all the advertising Heartsy is doing, her shop got incredible exposure.

To test this new program even further, I purchased a special from the seller who was featured right before me. The transaction went smoothly, and my $50 gift certificate was honored after I only paid $25 through Heartsy!

You might be wondering, what’s the catch? Currently, Heartsy’s services are free, but that won’t last very long. The site is brand-spanking new, and lacking a line-up of featured sellers.  My contact at Heartsy tells me that there will be a transaction fee in the near future as the program grows.

The Energy Shop is the current feature, but it won’t be for much longer as gift certificates are going fast. Check out for yourself:! Until next time. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Lisa. I love using Groupon and can’t wait to be a member of heartsy as well.

  2. Thanks, Usa! I agree, I love a discount site ♥

  3. I never heard about it!It sounds great!! Thanks for sharing~~~

  4. Thanks for this great idea – off to check it out!

  5. Just signed up to be featured. I will let you now how it turns out :)

  6. Thank you! I just sent in a request to be featured – will definitely keep you updated on this adventure!

  7. I’ve never heard of Groupon or Heartsy. Thanks for telling us about them. I’ll be sure to check them out.

  8. I still don’t see how the artist makes out on this sounds like we are losing half of the value of the gift it beneficial enough in advertising to take that “loss” of half on each of those 25 sales?

    • I wish you all good luck! And thank you for commenting.

      It all depends on how you look at it, and what your pricing and circumstances are like. For me, it’s been a win, win situation. My run’s not over yet and I don’t have all the stats back, but I can tell you some of what’s working.

      1. My unique visitors have gone up by more than 300 per day.
      2. Some customers check out with just the dollar amount, others check out with so much more than that, at my regular prices.
      3. Heartsy is advertising their site, which in turn is advertising your site all over the web.

      Yes, you sell gift certificates for half their face value, but this kind of exposure would’ve cost me hundreds of dollars and lots of time and energy. From my perspective, there is no downside to this deal.

  9. Wow…great site, thank you for sharing!!

  10. Thanks for the helpful info. Sounds like a good opportunity!

  11. Great idea. Let me check it out.

  12. THanks Lisa for that extra info! i signed up, we will see if they pick us!
    GOod luck everyone! great advertising and 300 extra visitors a day is WELL worth that!!
    Love Kimi

  13. A bit disappointed. I was contacted about being featured but they wanted me to do $59 GC’s for $19.00. With silver prices through the roof I’d be losing money right off the bat. I had offered $40 for $20 but it was a no go

    • Hi Kristin,
      Several sellers have told me the same recently–it seems like Heartsy is looking for steeper discounts right now. Maybe once they level off and establish themselves they will come back to more 50% offers. All the best ♥

  14. This sounds like a great website. I am glad I found it.

  15. Thank you for sharing. I sent a request to be featured and got a reply quickly!!! It sounds great!!!

  16. Thank you Leanne!! And all 15 deals sold out within several hours!!! And I got 11 sales yesterday.

  17. Hmmm, I am definitely intrigued. I wonder how many gift certificates we have to sell? The new customers would definitely be worth it, but I also don’t want to give away too much of my inventory without making anything. On the other hand, it could be a good tax write-off!

  18. Where can you send a request to be featured? I can’t find any info on their website!

    Thanks for any help,

  19. How is everyone handling shipping? Is the GC good for shipping or is that separate? I’m guessing it doesn’t cover it, but wanted to see how others handle…

  20. I also stumbled across Heartsy a little while ago. The only problem I have is that most of the features have been jewelry, so hopefully there will be a bit more diversity now that the word is out here. :D

    I got a $40 certificate for $14 to this amazing print artist. She is also having free shipping around the same time, which I think is a great idea.

  21. I hear they want more then 50% off now, is it still worth it? I guess exposure! I will try to get in, but I don’t know if I have any chance with jewelry. Thank you Lisa for explaining how it works.

  22. You are my inspiration!
    I submitted some of my work!
    I need 30 votes to be considered, Please help!

    Thank you

  23. Hello Lisa,

    Interesting Guide… Already i am using the site and Groupon is the very easiest shopping cart site, so i really like.

  24. I’m actually featured today on Heartsy and I can clarify some little changes on this website.
    First of all they’re very kind, changes are : they didn’t pay upfront anymore because the amount of voucher is now unlimited. I’m supposed to be paid as soon as the offer is over (it’s a 16 hours open deal).
    I could give you more info tomorrow if you want :)

  25. Hi Lisa,
    I discovered heartsy in the same way – an add that popped up on facebook. Thanks for pulling together the info. Given the success of Groupon, maybe heartsy will boost sales in the same way for artists and craftspeople.

  26. I’m trying right now to fill-out the form to be featured, but it seems to be stuck and not processing…will have to try again later, I guess. But, it sounds like such a great idea. My shop has so few visitors, I need the exposure. I just completed a Facebook page today, so the two together will be (fingers crossed) huge for me!

  27. I should put my store name with that;

  28. I discovered Heartsy just the other day. It sounds great, but I am a little nervous about trying it. And now with Heartsy *not* paying up front, it makes me even more nervous! ;) Has anyone been through the process from beginning to end that could tell me more about it and if it’s really worth it?


  29. Great article, but I have a different take on the Etsy groupon. If you’d like to see my views of this, please check out my article
    This is new, so the jury is still out, but I recommend you research before you leap.

  30. I love the site, but they don’t list enough! There are only 3 live deals available right now out of 560 PLUS possibilities[shops]. Well that is all that there is now as of April 11/1141pm, and 5 expired are still up there. AND now that they know how popular it is, they’re starting to ask for money for VIP status! …so soon only people who pay them $8 US a month will only get the “good” deals. KWIM? Why do people have to be so money hungry and mean?
    AND 2 other pet peeves I have are.
    1) when voting gets up to where it should be (60 votes) that deal should be stopped from being voted on!
    2) People who have no intentions I buying things at said shops being voted on still click “YES” they would buy, and shops that are not so nice gets listed.

    Whomever started this site really didn’t put any thought behind EVERYTHING that will help it succeed. BUT like I said it is a great idea/concept!

  31. Denise, what do you mean pay up front?

    They pre-pay our sellers/shops. I believe, and that doesn’t effect us (buyers) in anyway. LOL
    It’s a reputable site, and the sellers have to honor the certificates; so I don’t see the issue with using this site. It’s not like a scam site or anything.

    AS FOR MY FIRST EXPERIENCE: I just bought a ‘deal’ from a popular Bath and Body shop, and the only issue I had is the seller getting too in over her head, and closing the shop for a few days to get caught up with orders before I even got to place mine! What a pain in the butt!
    She shouldn’t have sold so many deals if she couldn’t keep up. If I pay for something, I want to be able to place my order right away! Anyhow, I waited a week, and I finally got to place my order with the shop/seller, but she didn’t send me an invoice yet..(another 2 day (and waiting) wait!)
    But she’s been in business for 14 years, and on etsy with 7000 plus feedback, so I know I will eventually get my product(s). I just hate waiting!

  32. I was approved for a deal on heartsy and after I did everything they told me never heard back from them. I wasn’t impressed but was going to use it on my newer shop to get more sales. They expected a 60-75% discount. I think heartsy is making us handmade sellers try to compete with large corporations. Most don’t price that much over to make a large enough profit to even offer a discount that steep.

  33. Thank you! There is some very useful information here! It seems that I read a lot about sellers getting in over their heads? I recently applied (TWICE) to be featured on Heartsy with a +65% off deal for my Etsy Jewelry Shop ( and didn’t get the votes needed :-( I think I will try one more time with some new photo’s. What confused me was that while in the submitting stage there is no link back to my site, yet My GoogleAnalytics is telling me that I have over 300 views in one day from Heartsy? Are these views from Heartsy Staff? or am i missing something? Not that i’m complaining about views….

  34. Learned that Heartsy is now TopHatters.

    Here’s a review from an Etsy seller:

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