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How Many Craft / Art Shows Do You Sell At Each Year?

Ramses - Cat Plushie

Ramses - Cat Plushie | by: janiexy

Do you sell at craft and art shows? If so how many on average to you sell at every year?

How many Craft / Art shows do you sell at in a year?

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  1. I have found that doing art shows is an iffy proposition even when the weather is good or the venue is supposed to be terrific. Locations where the show is held is of real importance. Look at who else is doing the show. Is it juried? How does your work fit with the overall show and even the location and are your prices appropriate to your buyers? Are you selling what buyers want? I don’t sell jewelry but I’ve been to plenty of shows where they are the only vendor making sales. I’ve found this to be true no matter the location, time of year, theme, venue, etc. I’ve also discovered that the type of show is critical – for instance my work would not be appropriate for a country/casual show. Pick each show carefully. It’s too expensive not to really vet each show. I’ve been selling for about 20 years so I’ve got some experience to back up my claims!! Good luck to everyone this coming holiday season and every day!

  2. I’m at a craft show most weekends and sometimes two in a weekend! This is a huge part of my business and (at the moment) wouldn’t be able to make a full time living by my online sales alone.

  3. 90% of my sales are at Art Shows! Though lately with the poor economy, it has been slow this year.

    I know if I stop, will never go back to Art Shows due to the hard work setting up a tent.

  4. Oharart has some great advice! I’m with Batty and Celtic Cat, I do shows most weekends (30-35 shows a year), however this year was a bad weather year so some shows were canceled, while some others were too risky to set up due to the inclement weather. I assume the state of the economy is in part responsible for slow sales. Sales at shows this year for me are nearly half of what I have sold previous years at the same venues. However, I’ve got to keep plugging along as I can’t make it on online sales alone either.

  5. I have done several different ones over the years. Most were wastes of time, but the one I am loyal to is our big annual Scituate Art Festival in RI. In its’ 43rd year, it is one of the biggest and best known on the East Coast. On a 3 day Columbus Day weekend, with pristine New England fall weather, we have seen 75,000 people!! Vendors from all over the US can be found here.
    Looking forward to clearing no less than 5K this year!!, with 4 of us in and around the booth!!

  6. I try to be very picky about the shows I do, trying to find my “right people” in an audience. For me & my work, that means art shows more than street fairs, but so much depends on what you sell & who you sell to. Although things have been tight this year, so I’m taking some risks & trying to get out there more.

    Still, shows are just one part of my business, with wholesale and online shops being the other parts.

  7. I do three craft sales every year, these 3
    are the ones I’ve found most profitable so
    I stay with them. I sell 75% of my stock.
    and then I put the rest back on line and
    start all over for another year. last year
    wasn’t quite as good as others but it was still worth while, hope this year is good.
    luck to every one.

  8. I’m still within my first year of business. By the end of May I will have done a total of 6 craft fairs in that time, not including a couple of home shows. For my particular product, these face to face selling opportunities seem to work well because I get to chat with the customers a bit, get a sense of their tastes and can recommend something they might like. I’m counting this as my experimental year as far as which venues work for me and which ones don’t, so I try to stick to the fairs with lower vendor fees. So far, I’ve done much better at fairs than on-line sales.

  9. We tried to shoot for two shows a month. Which works out about right since we’re booked three weekends in November already and none in August. We did three shows in April, too. We also have a few two day shows.

    Our stuff is pretty much a “must see to want to buy” thing, so shows are a MUST for us. Short of a cheesy infomercial on our website, it’s better to demo in person than online.

  10. We do roughly once or twice a month with skips in January, March and August. That’s how I started selling. Online is not even a drop in the bucket. LOL!

  11. I’ve just begun to upgrade the quality of shows I attend. Last year I did two weekend shows and this year I anticipate at least 3, one out of state. It’s been a bit of a slow start, but I think I’ve made a good decision.

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