Sunday , 19 September 2021

How To Add a Live Etsy Treasury To Your Facebook Fan Page

With the launch of Whale Shark Websites's Etsy treasury HTML code generator the opportunities  to spread the word about handmade are even greater and easier! I my last how-to I taught you how to add a live treasury to your blog, now I am going to show you how to add a live Etsy treasury to your Facebook Fan Page.

Step 1.

Head over to Facebook and find the FBML application page.  This app will allow you at add any html code to a page on your Facebook fan Page.  Click the add to my page button.

adding an etsy treasury to facebook

Step 2.

Pick what page you want to add this app to. Click the add to page button.. simple!

adding an etsy treasury to facebook

Step 3.

Head over to your fanpage and click the edit page button.  This will take you to the page where you will find your apps you have installed.

Below you will see the FBML app highlighted in yellow.  Click the edit button.

Step 4.

Now it is time to make your treasury or find one you want to feature.  For Handmadeology I like to feature other Etsians treasuries they have made.   For my own fan page I made one with just my items.

Just like in the pervious how-to create your Etsy Treasury code.  Learn how to do that HERE.

For the FBML the 3 column small version of the Live Treasury fist the best.

Grab your code and paste it into the FBML box.  Be sure to add a name to your page.  After you paste the code hit the save changes button.

Step 5.

Go back to your fan page and you will see the box in your tabs, or it will be hidden. Hit the arrow button to view more apps, and click and drag your new treasury tab over where you want it.

Here is what my product treasury looks like on my fan page:

Now you can submit your Etsy Treasuries to Handmadeology for even more exposure. You can submit your Etsy Treasuries HERE!


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  1. I am so excited to try this out! Thanks!

  2. Yet another great tutorial – I’ll add a link to the Treasury Tool page when I get a chance.

  3. Wow! this is cool! Thank you so much :)

  4. Thanks Tim, I’m going to check it out!

  5. Whew all these new and awesome apps to keep track of. Thanks for giving us the updates and the know how! ~Linda

  6. Great, thanks so much Tim.

  7. A Million Thank You’s!!

  8. Glad I stopped back again this evening. I wasn’t aware that we could make treasuries featuring our own pieces. Thanks for giving us the run down for the FBML install.

  9. This is great! How do you change the title of the TAB from FBML to the title of the treasury?

  10. I love your tutorials and thank you for sharing your knowledge. I hope to be able to set this up soon! Finding the time to play with these apps is always a challenge!
    Maybe you should write a tutorial on how to create, manage networks, run a business and still have a life! lol!

  11. OK – I’ve added the tab….but now how do I share it/like it so that others can see it too?

  12. Thank you so much for this information!

  13. Thanks so much for this post – I still continue to have difficulty getting the FBML to find my page – so I can’t add yet. Weird.

  14. I tried using the code generator, and it says the developer is inactive. Is this an error on my part or something wrong with the site?

  15. The step about how to get to the FBML box seems to be missing? I poked around on FB till I found it!

  16. i did everything and yet it isn’t showing up on my fan page when i click the box +

  17. i dont have the etsy treasury tag to drag though. just the fb thing and the treasury i added. what am i doing wrong?

  18. Thanks for sharing this information. I just added a treasury to my blog. Another great way to promote! Thanks again :)

  19. Thanks for posting this info. I tried to do this on my Facebook page but Facebook has since redesigned pages and the “tab” that shows the treasury is not showing up on a tab bar. Any ideas?

  20. Thanks for the tutorial! I have two questions about FBML boxes…

    1 – Since the FBML tab is now in the left margin (and not a tab) what is the best way to share that I’ve added a treasury there when I do so?

    2 – Do I need to add a new FBML box each time I want to post a treasury? If yes, is there a limit on how many boxes can be added in the margin?

    Okay, one more question, Tim. Why post a FBML box when I’m already using the MY ETSY tab which already show the entire front page of my shop and is all live linked?


  21. Thanks so much for this handy info! Being very visually oriented, I really appreciate the step by step screen shots of what things are supposed to look like along the way. YAY!

  22. Now that I see my last comment does not have my avatar showing…I’ll have to go back to your instructions on how to do that. CLEARLY I did something wrong :)

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