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How to be a walking, talking brand

 Blast Off Powder Box

Blast Off Powder Box by: Mmim

How to be a walking, talking brand

Have you ever cringed when someone asked you, “What do you do?” Even when I
discovered work I truly loved doing and practiced how I would tell others the moment the spotlight was on me I froze! In these moments you have two options–one is to state your “role” in your industry such as, “I make jewelry”, or “I write”, your second option is to leave them wanting more such as, “I help people feel remarkable” or, “I transform how people see themselves”. Which is more enticing?

I set out on a mission to find a better way to not only discuss my work but to also make it so intriguing my potential listeners were begging me to sit there and tell them more. Is there any better form of marketing? Think about how powerful it is when someone wants to be sold to, but doesn’t realize your selling. In that instant they are connected to you.

To be a walking, talking brand put aside all the technicalities and lead with
your single most impactful benefit.

You may technically design, make, create, or build but what is in it for your customers?
Your most impactful benefit is major and it is what your brand is making, selling, and growing around everyday. Get to know your ideal customer so when you are sitting across from them no matter the environment you can slip on your discreet billboard and enjoy talking about what you do.

When I set out on my mission to find other ways to talk about my work and represent my brand I discovered something interesting–people genuinely loved listening. Leading with my single most beneficial result opened up relatable conversations and not only were my listeners interested, but they all became inquisitive!

The next time someone asks you what you do lead with these tips and watch their
harmless question turn you into a walking, talking brand:

Know your single most impactful benefit

Your single most impactful benefit is the result your customers will have in buying from you. In my most recent article here I wrote about understanding your customer’s needs and desires–these will unlock how your business can benefit them. For example my single most impactful benefit is clarity. Clarity brings peace and consistency to my client’s business. Who doesn’t love that?

Understand what’s in it for them

Truly and honestly why should your most ideal customer buy from you? When you meet someone new and the age old question about what you do pops up think about this person in front of you. Ok, so you don’t know a whole lot about them but what kind of event are you at, how were you introduced to them, and what might you make of their being where you are? I was recently at a monthly business women’s meeting and was introduced to a new friend–immediately I know she is a woman and has a business, seeing as I coach women in business that was all I needed to know!

Be your most confident self, it’s sexy

If you don’t give what you do much attention no one else will either. Be confident by talking up that impactful benefit, how it will positively affect the person in front of you, and that you are the best person to bring it into their lives. By the end of them inquiring about what you do and how you won’t need to explain your expertise, it will just be that apparent.

*Bonus tip* Leave the elevator speech tucked away

Do you like being sold on something from someone you just met in less than three
minutes? Didn’t think so! Unless you are on an elevator with an angel investor and have 3 minutes to their office floor, make it about how beneficial you are and how awesome it can be for them.

So now I ask you, what is it you do?

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  1. Bravo! I struggle with this and now I will take your advice and work to change that. Thank you!

  2. Confidence it big. When I did craft shows, if my items caught their eye my story closed the deal. It’s much harder online as your items have to sell themselves. Be engaging. Create your story. Even if you focust it on 1 single item. My ‘thing’ was my Guardian Angel tank tops – I sold them 10 to 1. They had a significance, a purpose and I always made my customers feel special with the attention I gave them that was genuine. Good luck :)

  3. Thanks once again an informative article much appreciated

  4. I definitely do not like being asked what I do. Though I love that I am self-employed and making jewelry and people are generally interested, I also have had people be like “Oh, so you’re unemployed.” I love the other response examples you gave, I will have to try that out the next time someone asks!

  5. This is a fantastic article! You have raised points I never would have thought about, thankyou for your insight :)

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