Tuesday , 26 May 2020
How to create an Etsy Banner

How to create an Etsy Banner

Your Etsy banner is really the only place on your shop home page to show your customers what your brand is about.  Yes your items make your shop yours, but your banner can help tell your potential customers what is happening in your shop.    We are all visual and your banner is the first thing a customer sees when they visit your home page of your shop.

For your Etsy banner to display correctly, you banner needs to be exactly 760 pixels by 100 pixels.

Your Etsy banner needs to be saved as .jpg, .png, .of gif file.   (it can not be animated)

So you will need a graphic design tool to make these banners, and we have the perfect solution!

We created our drag and drop tool  Creative Fan Page Designer when we saw how many people were actually struggling to create graphics for their creative business.

Start designing graphics for your creative business  with this  drag and drop software today!!

here are a few banners I created after I recorded the video in about 5 mins!

tad banner

yellow 2 - Copy

yellow banner - Copy

Check out Creative Fan Page Designer!



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  1. Great app Tim!! But how do we save it as a jpg, or something we can import to our photo library? In my case on my MAC, my iPhoto? That is the only way I can export the finished banner to Etsy–from my photo library. So, again, how does one save and import it to a photo library for export?

  2. I used Winchester Lambourne from Etsy. Love her.

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