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How To Find Out How Much Traffic a Blog Gets

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As Etsy sellers we are always looking for a way to increase traffic and sales.  One way to to this, is to advertise on high traffic blogs. There are a number of way to find out how much traffic a blog receives each day, and every month.

RSS Feed Subscription Numbers:

The fist method is to do a little investigating.   I like to look for how many people are subscribed to a blogs RSS feed.   The majority of the people that are subscribed to the RSS feed visit that blog everyday, not everyone, but a good amount.  Take for example Handmadeology.  There are currently over 3000 people subscribed to the RSS feed in less then 60 days.  Everyday these people will get an update via email of any new blog posts that were posted.   Now lets look at some real high traffic blogs:

Oh Hello Friend is an awesome blog with over 10k people subscribed to their RSS feed.   Also This blog is set on the blogger platform so there is the blogger follow widget.  You this works like the rss feed. Oh Hello Friend has over 4ooo people following their blog.

Social Networks:

I also like to take a look at a blogger reach throughout social media, like Twitter and Facebook.  Is the blogger active on Twitter or Facebook?  What are the number of followers like.  This can be a good gauge of the amount for traffic they may get.

Read their advertising info:

Bloggers will most likely talk about how much traffic they are getting right on their advertising info page.  Also look for any major press the blog may have received recently.  Modish directly talks about how much traffic they receive and lists a nice press link.

Compete is a great site where you can get a look at three sites at one time and compare. Compete gives you a look at monthly traffic and gives you a nice look at an over all year. One draw back is that to view blogs that are on blogger like Oh Hello Friend you have to upgrade.

Here is a super in depth look at a site.  You can find out a sites traffic, it’s demographics, trends,  and a ton more.

Here is  look a the very popular DesignSponge.

Before you make your decision to advertise with a blog, do your research.  You can even ask around the Etsy forums, to see if anyone has advertised on a particular blog before. 

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  1. This is great! Thank you for the information! Much more in depth than “just” following Google Analytics.

  2. Thanks for putting this post together – I’ve been wondering if there were sites like and out there but hadn’t been able to find them. These would be great tools for finding out which blogs are succeeding – and then trying to apply what they’re doing right!

  3. I just know I should take the time to research all of this a little bit! Would surely make a world of difference. But wait a minute, haven’t I said that before and not done a thing about it yet?
    I think Design Sponge might work for me, going over to check it right now.
    Thanks for your help
    Sheshanna – PIECE UNIQUE

  4. Thanks for your great information! I’m just gathering ideas, etc. to start a blog, and this information will truly be beneficial! Thanks again!

  5. Take the time to learn where your dollars are best spent

  6. Very interesting. Good to know about the rss feads.

  7. very helpful – thank you !

  8. Great article, this is really helpful!

  9. Tim, thank you for all of this information!
    I have a question. If I were looking for a place to advertise, how would I differentiate between a blog that has readers who are also crafters and artists like myself compared to readers who are looking to shop for the kinds of things I make?
    Thanks! :)

  10. Timothy,

    Thanks for doing the legwork for us.
    Valuable info !

  11. Thanks for the info- this is helpful. Do you have a benchmark of minimum monthly hits that you have- or does your budget dictate that?

  12. Great info, thank you so much for researching and passing the info along.
    Peace, Judi

  13. Awesome info as I was just about to approach blogs regarding advertising. What is the best way to try and get featured on key blogs as opposed to paying to advertise on them?


  14. Thanks for this. I’m disappointed with how often I see bloggers pad their numbers.

  15. Compete is not free anymore. Quantcast doesn’t show me my competitors (“do not have the data”). I’ll see if it changes after registration. But I afraid it won’t change. It’s low competition niche, everybody gets low traffic. Alexa doesn’t have the data for such a sites as well. Any more ideas?

  16. Thank You for this great article. I have never for once though about other site one could track traffic until now.

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