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How To Have A Successful And Fun Open House Jewelry Selling Party

Tsavorite Gemstone Wrapped Gold Hoops

Tsavorite Gemstone Wrapped Gold Hoops | by OneTimesTwo

OneTimesTwo Says:

Here is onetimestwo’s tips on having a jewelry party at home from the ning:

I had a successful and fun open house jewelry selling party over the weekend and here are some of my tips and learnings…

Mine was a 2 hour open house style (no “presentation” needed) on a Saturday afternoon. I had some wine (of course) and some snacks and cookies, so no huge food prep. Guests could just pop in during that time and look around and socialize.


- add your etsy address so guests can check out your stuff beforehand. Many of my guests had visited my site prior to the open house.

- I just used a cute pre-printed letterhead sheet from Staples and matching envelopes. Ran it through my printer with all the info. Also added a hand written note at the bottom of each.

- ask for an RSVP but know that some will come without letting you know, and some that did plan to come will not.

- I was only accepting checks or cash. I stated this on my invite. I got mostly checks at the party.

- Encourage guests to bring friends! Don’t we always spend more money when shopping with friends?


- I thought if my display looks really great, the perceived value of my jewelry would go up.

- I used different sizes of picture frames bought at the thrift store as my starting point. Took out the glass, and painted them all white (with old paint I had in the basement). Then covered foamcore with plain fabric to use as inserts. I basically used these as trays to display my jewelry on. Super cheap but gave me a really great surface to show my stuff.

- I also used some serving trays and antique linens to help give a little more inspiration to the whole display. Repurpose things you may already have.

- I grouped my jewelry by color, style, etc. Some people like to buy matching sets, so I tried to set those together.

- Have mirrors if you are selling jewelry.


- I streamlined this. I have lots of different prices in my etsy shop, but I tried grouping similar items and just making little signs for pricing of those. Some pieces I may have sold a few dollars cheaper than my etsy site, some a little more. I needed it to be simple.

- Variety. I had a ton of $10 items, on up to $60.

- Make sure everything is marked. My trays were destroyed and things moved around everywhere at the end. My stuff is kind of OOAK so people picked it up and carried it around with them until they decided.

Gift Season!

- So many people were buying holiday gifts! Most of my earrings that sold for gifts (or overall for that matter) were on earring cards that I got from a seller on etsy. I don’t know if it looks more professional to have it on a card if you are giving a gift, or what the perception was there.

- I made tags with cardstock run through my laser and a round cutter scrapbook tool to make tags for other stuff.

- I placed little boxes with ribbons on them around the display as gift giving reminders. This is how I typically send my orders on etsy anyway, so I already had the supplies for this.


- Have business cards.

- I had a raffle for a pair of earrings, but didn’t do any other promotions. Wanted simplicity.

- Like anyone on our team who does craft shows will say, the more items you have the better. I thought I had a ton of stuff, but it looked really picked over at the end.

- What sells online may not sell at the party. Best sellers on my etsy site were duds at the party.

- Custom orders- I got a few of these at the party. I wish I had made a simple form I could fill out for each order. I was super crazed and just scribbled them down on a scrap of paper.

You should all try this if you haven’t in the past! It was really fun.


Join the discussion over in the Etsy forums HERE.

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  1. Oh – I’ve been looking for more tips on this. Now I have to work up the nerve to do it!


  2. This was very informative with some great tips I had not heard before. These are tips I can use if and when…hopefully…I ever do craft shows.


  3. Great tips! Don’t know if it would work for me, though.

  4. I love the new look! Much cleaner, more professional!

    Tim do you know what are image sizes should be now? Has there been any input on that?


  5. Great tips…I was just talking to my sister in law about doing a party so these are VERY helpful!

  6. Hey Jodie! Your tips are great! really really interesting! I am super glad you had a successful open house party! Is there any other way we could get in contact?! Looking forward for your answer!
    Thank yoy

  7. Jodie,
    These were great tips. Loved your frame idea ! I had an event at my studio last weekend. I co-operated with a friend who’s a stylist – she gave free advice to everyone and met heaps of potential customers, I provided the venue,food, wine and sold nicely. This is the first time I’ve done this and I’ve learnt heaps although I was choc-o-butterflies about it ! The wine was a hit !!

  8. Great idea! Were your invited guests just your friends or how did you draw up your invitation list?

  9. Thanks Jodie – lots of good tips here. I’ve had people ask me if I do parties….I like your open house idea much better!!!
    Parties seem like you have to entertain too much….

  10. Great tips. Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you for the great tips I never thought about antique trays and liens you have so many really neat ideas.

  12. These are great tips, presented in a practical and simple way!

    I liked the way you wanted to keep it simple. I’m thinking of a sort of “traveling” version of this, for a group of Nurses at a nearby hospital, so will take these tips and adapt.

    Love the idea of the order form for custom orders…simple and smart!

    Thanks again for taking the time to educate us all!@

  13. Wonderful ideas….great preparation..

  14. no one showed up to mine. they were either sick or busy. maybe some forgot.

  15. I have done a few Open Houses and have been pretty successful! I like having an “open House” as opposed to a “party.” I even had guests say they like it better than hearing someone make a presentation and participating in silly games. I am definitely trying to book more!

  16. I have a little dishwashing gig at the pub down the street, and am thinking of taking all your ideas and hosting a little Sunday afternoon thing there. I have hats and other accessories. Good idea to have a sheet for custom orders, even to cover your bases when requests come in from the field, you know?
    thanks so much for this!
    Now to work up the nerve, like Kathy says!
    now to work up the nerve, like

  17. Thanks so much for all the info! I have been thinking a lot about this aspect of selling, & this gives me more to think about and be prepared for. The custom order form is a great idea, thanks for passing on the info you learned the hard way. Also the printed price tags handpunched is a perfect idea for my situation. Of course this would be for my Organic Hemp line, which can be seen here-

  18. Excellent! Not many people think about small details like what will I use to take orders? … and you have outlined the most simple to the most detailed tips and tricks to run a fun, smooth, successful and SIMPLE great sales day! Kudos & continued success!

  19. I would really liek to ahve a party, but I’m concerned that no one would show up. i try to tell my local friends to stop by craft fairs when I am selling none of them ever come.

    (Whaddup wit dat?)

    Do you have any ideas for incentives (besides free food) to get a gaggle of ladies over to buy jewelry and hair things?

  20. I did have an open house, and no one showed up. But that will not deter me! I will have another one in the spring.
    I think its because they know us personally. I have custom sewing and alterations business at my home and I do more work for people I don’t know than the people I do know. But sometimes the people that know me will recommend me to others. But I’m used to it. So don’t get discouraged.

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