Monday , 27 January 2020

How-To – Marble Maze

Dichro Opal Galaxy Marble by Emmett Hollander

Dichro Opal Galaxy Marble by Emmett Hollander | by: Emmettsglass

Now that I am a dad I am going to have to start thinking of way cool crafts and projects for Cam and I to work on.  It will be a while before he starts welding!  Check out this great marble maze made from pvc pipes from the hardware store.

City Nights Glass Marble Greg Chase

City Nights Glass Marble Greg Chase | by: ChaseDesigns

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  1. what i cool project! i will try this with my little cousins as practice for when i have my own :)

  2. This is really cool. My sisters and I did something similar when we were young. We couldn’t go out side to play horses when the weather was bad, so we would make ramps out of card board through the house and have a day of horse racing. They were actually marbles. We would start them all together with a special starter that we rigged to make it fair. My sister had a steely so you know who won the most LOL.

  3. Its so pretty like you

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