Thursday , 19 July 2018
A goal should be measurable. Instead of saying “My goal is to have more sales this year”, you could say, “My goal is to have ten sales per month this year.”

How to Properly Set Your Goals

Measuring tape - Small clutch / Coin purse (S-097)

Measuring tape - Small clutch / Coin purse (S-097) | by: gracefulcrafts

We talk a lot about setting goals, but many people don’t really know how to properly set them.

An example of what you might call a goal is “I want my Etsy shop to be successful.”

You could define this as a goal but it is actually “big picture” statement. To achieve the big picture statement, you need to break that statement down into smaller chunks (goals) that can be measured and achieved.

A goal should be measurable. Instead of saying “My goal is to have more sales this year”, you could say, “My goal is to have ten sales per month this year.”

A goal should be achievable. Some people say you should set your goals high so that you achieve greater success. Instead you should set your goals realistically so that that you can achieve them. It builds confidence to meet a goal or surpass it. If it was easy, set the next one harder. If it was too hard or you missed it, set the next one easier to attain.

An example of this might be “I will create 6 xxxx’s per day.” Instead, say “I will create 1 xxxx’s per day.” If you are easily achieving that and you have 14 at the end of two weeks, change your goal to say, “I will create 2 xxxx’s per day.” You’ve met your initial goal, it wasn’t hard, and now you’re on track to doubling your output! If you stuck with the first one that was too high, probably by Wednesday you’re beginning to burn out and now you’re just discouraged and hate goal setting because it doesn’t work.

Be precise. Put in dates, times and amounts so that you can acknowledge success and celebrate!  You could say “I will learn more about Google Analytics”. Instead, change that goal to say these:

1.       I will watch Timothy Adam’s video on Google Analytics by Tuesday.

2.       I will find and read four different articles on Google Analytics by Friday.

3.       I will have Google Analytics hooked up to my Etsy shop by Sunday.

Set priorities. If you have a lot of goals (and you will once you break down your big picture into achievable chunks), you need to prioritize them so that that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Prioritizing will also help you figure out what is most important and what might just be a distraction.

Review your goals and your big picture statement often! (Okay, I’ll make that precise and say, “Review your goals every day and your big picture statement every month.”) It’s perfectly fine to adjust either of those as you learn along the way.

As you learn, make sure you incorporate that learning into your continued goal setting. Your goals will change as you move along. Adjust them regularly to reflect growth in your knowledge and experience. 

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  1. I feel like I’m all over the map sometimes but still seeming to get things done. I really like the specific goals laid out about Google Analytics. I tend to stumble on a tweet I’m interested in rather than search for the articles. In your view, repetition is good and more involved. I think I should tweek my style a little. It would be more organised and efficient, and I would probably retain more!

  2. Check out this article:

    I think it would be great for if you want to work on certain things each week!

  3. Good points…Goals should be measurable and achievable!

  4. Good advice…hope I can take it!

  5. Thanks so much for those words!

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