Wednesday , 23 May 2018

How to Spend Less Time on Social Media

The "Rotund Rhino in Orange" designer wall mounted clock from LeLuni

The "Rotund Rhino in Orange" designer wall mounted clock from LeLuni

If you are running a business, big or small, you’re supposed to promote the crap out of it if you want any sales. The more you promote, the more smartly you promote, the more your business will grow.

Duh. We KNOW Megan. Moving on.

Online social networks are a great way to reach new customers and fellow professionals to build connections and get the word out there. There are so many to choose from! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr, Yahoo Groups, Polyvore, WordPress, Tumblr, Community Forums, DeviantArt, LinkedIn, Blogger, and so on… If you tried to use them all you would be spending all 29 hours of the day getting your social networking done and have no time for anything else.

But… there’s only 24 hours in the day, not 29.

Exactly. You can’t afford to be everywhere and doing everything, no matter how big the fuss over the new shiny social network is. Try a few out, pick your favorites, and work off of those. Keeping yourself from spreading too thin will prevent your content from going sour. You want to be reliable to your followers. You don’t want to be that person who posts something fresh everyday, to the point where your followers will start to look forward and count on your updates, only to vanish without a trace.

Pick a few and stick to ‘em.

BUT. <<<<- big but here. Watch how much time you are spending with these tools.

3 hours a day spent promoting on social networks is over 2 hours too many. Time yourself. Limit yourself for no more than an hour (at MAX) to spend on all of your social networking, and that includes e-mail, blog writing, forum discussion, treasury making, ALL OF IT. You may think you are not wasting a lot of time doing your online promotion, but I bet you would be surprised just how quickly that time can fly if you started to pay attention to the clock.

But if I only get to use less than an hour, how am I suppose to get it all done?

Smart planning will allow you to manage your online promotion more efficiently. Personally, I like to write most of my status updates randomly, and keep them stored on a basic Notepad file. This means I’m working on updates without actually being on Facebook (and all of it’s distractions). So when I need to update, it literally only takes a second, as I pop open my saved document, and copy and paste the status to my networks. Less than a minute: done. If you choose just ONE DAY a week to spend your hour on writing updates for Facebook/Twitter/Etc., you can use that time to stock up for the rest of the week. Spend your next day’s hour on writing blog posts. Schedule and save drafts to be published throughout the week. Done. Spend your next day’s hour making treasuries – if you have any teams that require team treasuries to be made, this is your time to get them done. One hour (or less), and no more treasury creation til next week. Done.

I think you get the idea.

It is possible to cover all of your marketing bases without losing all of your valuable creative time to cyber space. Next time you’re about to log on to YOUR biggest time-suck, check to the clock and start timing. Together, let’s see how much valuable creative time we can save!

This post was written by Megan Petersen of and originally appeared on Megan’s Beaded Blog.



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  1. Great post, Megan! I find myself wasting several precious hours on Facebook all the time, looking at friends’ posts and pictures, and you are so right – it is extremely time-consuming and takes away from being productive at my business! I’m going to look at the clock next time and time myself… I WILL NOT spend more than 2 hours on Facebook anymore!!! LOL

  2. Yes Sir!! Lol. By the way, Tim, I finally finished watching the meylah webinar on email marketing and it was very helpful. Thanks for all your great tips!! :-)

  3. thank you – i will try to restrain myself and be more efficient this way………

  4. Good idea I waste far too much time. I picked up a tip for making notes as you go along this sounds like a good place to share it. Type or copy this into your address bar data:text/html,
    this will open up a blank page were you can copy and paste many things for use later, or just type notes there. I have book marked it so it is easy to access. Hope you find this useful.

  5. A very valuable post. Thank you for the tips.

  6. This is the best piece of advice I’ve read in ages. I’m currently doing a Social Media for Marketing course because it’s all new to me, and I do need to spend a lot of time on social media while I’m learning, but I’ve already noticed how much time just vanishes. As soon as the course is done, I’ll be using a timer. Off to look for one now………

  7. Nice post. I would expand this to anything to do with the internet. I find myself logging on to my computer then when I come out of my internet/social media stupor half a day has gone by. I will not surf, I will not surf, I will not surf………………..

  8. So glad I read this article, I have been struggling with this very issue. I really like the idea of limiting online promotion to one hour a day, will definitely set my timer tomorrow and back away from the computer when it goes off!

  9. Really good advice. I was starting to feel as though I spend more time desperately trying to promote my shop than I do making stuff, which is a baaad ratio. Will limit myself from now on. Or at least try to……

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