Tuesday , 24 November 2020
iPledgeHandmade, encourages handmade artisans and crafters to ‘take the pledge’ in support of individualhandmade, fine art, vintage and supply sellers.

I Pledge Handmade

I pledge

Here at Handmadeology we coach all types of creative business owners, but our foundation was built on the true handmade community.  I am a metal artist, and I have built my creative business from the ground up with my two hands!   Recently Zibbet,  a marketplace to buy handmade products, direct from the maker, launched an initiative to support the buying and selling of true handmade goods.  When I was asked to help Zibbet promote and let the world know about this initiative , without hesitation I started crafting this post and my plan for promoting!   Below you will find a post straight from Zibbet’s blog.

Original post from the Zibbet blog.

Last week, Zibbet launched an initiative in support of the buying and selling of truly handmade products. Our new website, iPledgeHandmade, encourages handmade artisans and crafters to ‘take the pledge’ in support of individualhandmade, fine art, vintage and supply sellers. In Zibbet’s October 2, 2013 newsletter, Jonathan Peacock, Zibbet’s CEO, stated: “I want to go on record as stating that Zibbet will never allow any seller to ‘work with outsidemanufacturers to help produce your designs’. It goes completely against our vision for the marketplace. Zibbet is now one of the only pure and true marketplaces in the world for handmade.”

We ask you to join the growing group of Zibbeters who are standing together to maintain a marketplace that is unique and committed to individual sellers by taking the iPledgeHandmade pledge. After submitting your pledge, you’ll be presented with the code for three widget options that state that you’ve taken the pledge. Each widget links to Zibbet’s iPledgeHandmade website. Select the option that most appeals to you and install the widget in your Premium Zibbet shop, your blog, and any website that allows the installation of widgets or gadgets. Add the URL for the iPledgeHandmade website, www.iPledgeHandmade.com, to business cards and other printed materials you use. Help spread the word that Zibbet is ‘all in for Handmade’ and so are you!

Please join me in signing this pledge and support the true handmade community this upcoming holiday season and beyond!

Be sure to pin, share, tweet, email, and spread the word as far and wide as possible!

I would love for you to post a link to your handmade shop here in the comments and on our Facebook fan page HERE.  We have over 22,000 fans and it will be great exposure for you!






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  1. I’ve been buying more and more handmade every year! So love the quality!
    Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/ColesCandles

    • Thank you very much for this series of vidoes. I have searched the web for Hot Process soap how-to’s. It’s wonderful to find your complete process.I didn’t realize that you added some glycerine just before the fragrances. Interesting.

  2. Thanks so much! Right now I’m with Etsy, but I’m disappointed by their new policies.


  3. I not only buy handmade, I make handmade! I appreciate all the the work & love that each artist puts into their creations.

    Thanks for promoting us! :)


  4. Thank you for promoting this wonderful pledge. I make all my crochet items myself and try to support the handmade shops with my purchases as well.
    Your support is greatly appreciated!

  5. Thanks Tim for being a champion of handmade!

  6. I took the handmade pledge and have posted it on my blog to encourage others to take it as well.

  7. Zibbet is my favorite place to shop. I have a little jewelry gift shop there too.

  8. I’m handmade all the way, a machine who could knit meerkats like mine does not exist!

    I reopened my shop on zibbet after pledging, well done Zibbet for launching this initiative.


  9. I love handmade! In the coming days I will be publishing a blog post of a selection of handmade stocking fillers at http://www.byelsieb.blogspot.com. My own handmade goods can be found at http://www.byelsieb.etsy.com. Good luck to everyone this festive season.

  10. Love Handmade! <3

    Thank you for this!!!

    here is my Etsy shop:


  11. I took the pledge and as of right now 1,779 other people have too. I am so glad that so many other people see the value in a pair of hands and creativity.

  12. Always hand-made and home-made! To bad Etsy took the one thing that made it unique and threw it all away!

  13. Handmade gifts are made with love and are of such higher quality than mass produced merchandise. Plus, you have the option to request a custom item that can me made to the recipients specifications. When you support handmade, you are directly effecting a family and the results are immediate. Support the handmade movement!




  14. I love to support handmade and recently wrote a similar post about buying handmade & slow gifting on my blog!


    You can find my handmade shop for thoughtful celebrations here:


  15. If more people bought handmade, the world would be a happier and more productive place.


  16. I am very disappointed with Etsy’s police about people having their product produced, it is not handmade then,it’s just the design. But for the person who does everything in their business from design, making it, picture taking, listing and shipping. It loses its handmade appeal. it is not a handmade avenue anymore. I will make the pledge!

  17. Tim,

    Thanks so much for your post and for your support of Handmade overall and Zibbet in particular. Zibbet is a growing community of Handmade, Fine Art, Vintage and craft Supplies sellers! I have a total of six Premium shops on Zibbet, all selling handcrafted items (and one also selling Supplies):


    I’m ‘all in’ for Handmade!


  18. I am still with Etsy but unhappy with the new policy… and nervous about the impact on the ‘little’ shops like mine.

  19. Shop Handmade, Vintage, and Supplies you can trust. Discover the Zibbet difference.


  20. Timothy,

    I’m a supplier for the handmade jewelry community.Thank you for the support you give to all the handmade artists and crafters.I took the pledge!


  21. Great initiative! I’m buying as many handmade gifts as I can this holiday season!


  22. I pledged! I opened a shop on Zibbet as a direct response to Etsy’s redefining of what the term handmade means. I am pleasantly surprised by Zibbet’s professionalism and treatment of their sellers. I can’t recommend Zibbet enough!


  23. I love handmade! I buy most of it on Zibbet. I also took the pledge.

  24. I have been a handmade only creator for 30 years, mostly shows but hopefully 2014 will bring Etsy into my life. I totally support the handmade life in all parts and I do take the pledge.!

  25. Thank you for doing this! Zibbet is a great marketplace! I took the pledge as soon as the website went up! I also refuse to buy off of Etsy because it’s littered with reseller junk. I only shop on Zibbet now.


  26. This is a great article, thanks so much!! I love to buy & sell handmade, I have two shops at Zibbet. A great place to buy & sell!! Nancy


  27. I pledged handmade and have been making clothing and lingerie for the ladies for several years now. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Moving from Etsy to Zibbet currently.
    Find me here

  28. Handmade is my life. Zibbet is my home!

  29. Thank you for this post, Timothy. The people and the shops at Zibbet are like no other. It is quickly becoming THE place for shopping unique handmade and awesome vintage. My home is proudly and happily Zibbet. http://www.zibbet.com/pitterpatterpolymer

  30. Great article! Zibbet is an exciting place to be these days!

  31. I make handmade jewelry and love buying handmade! my shop page is http://www.zibbet.com/mountaintopjewelry I also have a facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/mountaintopjewelry

  32. I’m a maker and a buyer of handmade goods! I just learned of Zibbet and am happy to hear what Jonathan Peacock had to say about outside manufacturers. I will be setting up shop at Zibbet!

  33. I too took the pledge. For me Zibbet is #1

  34. I am certainly a fan of handmade, always have been. There is a love that’s built in. I am also a handmade artist & create SilkWire Jewelry, JewelryArt 4 Your WellBeing. Thank you for your support & promotion of HANDMADE! :-)

  35. I’ve been a handmade artist for nearly 30 years and I’m so pleased to see such a show of support.

  36. Handmade is definitely the way of life. I invited everyone to join the #GratitudeChallenge being offered through my company’s website.

  37. Fab! i’m 100% handmade

    Come and visit my shop Sea Meadow Designs on Etsy ….

  38. Welcome to Sew Little Ones. Specializing in a variety of embroidered handmade baby and toddler keepsakes at affordable prices. https://www.etsy.com/listing/70479339/small-baby-bottle-holder-ball?

  39. I’m so pleased to see such support for artsy people like myself. thanks ipledgehandmade !!! I’m a handmade artist of mosaics. Such a hard category to define.

  40. I made the pledge! I also support handmade and small independent businesses!

  41. I have always loved buying handmade item and continue to do so till this very day, accept NOW I have my own handmade Tie Dye which I have been selling since early 2000 on Etsy. Before Etsy did a lot of booth work and even today, still LOVE working the booths every year… and meeting all the COLORFUL people out there :)

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