Wednesday , 23 May 2018
Pinterest really and truly is the up and coming NEW way to get yourself out there into social media. Have you considered it? Are you a part of the fun?

It’s So Pinteresting! Pinterest Etiquette for Etsy Sellers

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It’s So Pinteresting! Will It Stay That Way?

Article by : Brenda from:  Bsue Boutique

A very short while ago I got on the Pinterest bandwagon.   Very glad I did, and I still am.

Pinterest really and truly is the up and coming NEW way to get yourself out there into social media. Have you considered it?  Are you a part of the fun?

First, you need  an invite to join. Someone who is on Pinterest already will need to send you a friend request and then you’ll have to go in and set up your Pinterest account, via the request.  Pinterest is free, so just some basic stuff is needed.

You will then be able add the Pinterest pin button to your browser’s toolbar, it takes about two seconds.  This makes it really easy to pin photos, rather than upload them from your computer (although you can do that, too.)

You will SO enjoy  all the gorgeous photography,  the clever crafts ideas, storage suggestions, vintage clothing and costume jewelry, recipes, travel pictures…..just wonderfulness.    You can start your own boards, or collections of photos right away.

The first thing I began pinning was a collection of pathways, as I collect them.  Very inspiring! I uploaded my own pix, and repinned others.  I enjoy going to Pinterest every day to choose some new photos for my boards.

Here is my Pathways board, prepare to sigh…and meditate:

Pathways….Where Does Your Journey Go?

Pinterest is a respite for many, myself included.  It’s a place where I can go to see things I may never own, places I may never go, things I may have only once held in my hands and never will again.   It’s a place of ideas, a place of remembrance.  The old saying, “A picture says a thousand words” could never be truer– than at Pinterest.

Will it STAY that way?

Pinterest is  fast becoming an easy way for an artist to show their work, new and old, sold and unsold.    Doubtless the folks at Pinterest realized how powerful their new medium would become for SELLERS….so, there’s Pinterest Etiquette

Basically, so that Pinterest doesn’t become a morass of commercialism, it’s advised that when you make boards, you balance them.    What does that mean?

You don’t want to make a board solely of your own photos, no matter how appealing that idea seems.  Be sure to pin photos of others’ work in the chosen theme for your board.  Show techniques or ideas.  Pin blogs with appropriate credits to the blogger, if you pin from a blog—it will get the blog hits and new followers, so that’s a great thing to do!  Plug the blogs you love!   Then after you remember others first…. pin a few of *your*  things.   You can even pin stuff you have on ETSY….there’s a Pin It button now on every listing.  You can pin your stuff…AND, you can pin others.

When you do this, you play nice and you level the playing field so that MANY people can get a shout out for a job well done, a great idea, a fabulous find.

You may also comment on the pictures at Pinterest.  Commentary should be lightweight and complementary.  If you can’t do that, if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t disgrace yourself by saying something less than kind at Pinterest.

Wherever possible, when repinning at Pinterest, trace back to find the original owner of the photograph.  Usually that’s just a few clicks, and you’ve got it.   If you can’t find it, and want to repin, please acknowledge that you don’t know and would love to know.  Someone may offer the information via comment, and then you’ll have it covered.

Same way if you lift a picture from Pinterest and put it on your Facebook:  CREDIT the original pinner, photographer, blogger, artist.

I  pin a lot of pictures from the B’sue Boutiques Creative Group and try to do that, always crediting the artist.   It’s been a great tool, I am so glad I joined Pinterest for that reason alone.  I love to plug great work shared at the group, and this makes it effortless.  A number have told me they sold their items quickly because of my initial pins and others’ repins.

You can check out the Copyright Infringement Page at Pinterest as well, good to review that and carefully consider the in’s and out’s.

One last thing:  Don’t pin photos that should be kept private.   That’s not what Pinterest is about.   BTW:  you cannot directly pin from Facebook.

That’s probably a really good thing.  ;-)

I want to thank my wise friend, Wendy, for bringing this subject up yesterday and the roundhouse conversation that resulted.   She raised some questions that  made me look inward and think of my own motives in using Pinterest.  I’ve thought ever since, long and hard, about my own role in social media and how I could use it to serve my enterprise as well as serve others in better ways.

In the long run, if you use social media to self-promote your business, it’s about two big factors:  the people you love and support at home….and the people you serve.    You’d never want to use social media in a way that wasn’t fair to all of them.

Use the power of Pinterest like Luke used the Power of the Force….LOL….in the RIGHT way.  Let’s keep Pinterest….pinteresting!


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  1. Thanks for this! I recently joined Pinterest, and I love it! I’ve been scared to pin any of my own work because I wasn’t sure if that was weird…perhaps I’ll sprinkle some in with my other pins :)
    Now I think I must go and scroll around other people’s pins, yay!

  2. Nice article, Brenda! I’m a fairly new member at Pinterest, but I love it–this was great advice.

  3. I love Pinterest, it is totally addictive….yet …Am I the only one confused by the Pinterest fine print – or does nobody read it? It says:
    You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all Member Content that you make available through the Site, Application and Services. Accordingly, you represent and warrant that: (i) you either are the sole and exclusive owner of all Member Content that you make available through the Site, Application and Services or you have all rights, licenses, consents and releases that are necessary to grant to Cold Brew Labs the rights in such Member Content, as contemplated under these Terms; and (ii) neither the Member Content nor your posting, uploading, publication, submission or transmittal of the Member Content or Cold Brew Labs’ use of the Member Content (or any portion thereof) on, through or by means of the Site, ….” and on.
    Basically, I can’t claim to own any content or pictures other than my very own – yet I’m being encouraged to pin content that is not my own?

  4. Thanks for mentioning the TOS, Cindy, I’m also concerned that it wasn’t mentioned in Brenda’s article.

    Galen Moore from Boston Business Journal recently wrote an article illuminating Pinterest’s TOS, and how it included the following (I capitalized the parts that bothered ME)–

    “By making available any Member Content through the Site, Application or Services, you hereby grant to Cold Brew Labs a worldwide, IRREVOCABLE, PERPETUAL, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, with the right to sublicense, to use, COPY, ADAPT, MODIFY, DISTRIBUTE, LICENSE, SELL, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, access, view, and otherwise exploit such Member Content only on, through or by means of the Site, Application or Services.”

    Not that I think Pinterest is going to run out and sell or license my photographs, but this gives them the right to do so…not okay!

  5. I have 2 comments, #1,Pinterest says please do promote your own items, but in moderation. I saw the other day 49 “pins” YES, I did count them! of her own polymer clay items, they were nice, very pretty… but honestly, I was annoyed! I sell jewelry and plushies in my etsy store, I think if the 60 plushies I have pinned 3 are my own. Now maybe between the 2 of us there could be more balance.
    #2, This is the one I find to be most alarming… I am a DIY kinda girl… I LOVE DIY! It really bothers me when someone posts an artists item from etsy as a DIY, and might even list how “they” e
    would make it. I pin many many things from etsy, BUT I always talk about how great the artist is, or what a great job they did. It is up to that artist if they want to make a tutorial and pin it. If you are going to make a version of someones item from etsy, pin the picture of the item you made. I almost feel like if they say DIY on something someone is selling, its saying, this artist doesn’t deserve money for their idea, time, or talent….just make it yourself. Totally another story if you pin an etsy item and say “Hey what a fabulous idea, great artist!”
    I hope I made sense, and wasn’t rambling on….
    Thanks! as with all new social media, etiqutte is common sense, but somehow it takes people awhile to understand that.

  6. With every newer format, there are pro’s and cons, tweaking to be done, trial periods. Even with Etsy itself we saw inventions and re-inventions until we have the lovely, streamlined selling platform that is Etsy today. I had the same concerns, and have read the copyright page as well. In the long run, it goes to good sense: for ex, just because the Pinterest button is on EVERY Etsy listing, does it mean you should randomly pin it? Wouldn’t it be best to ask permission first? Also, you would never want to lift photos from Pinterest and then put them on your selling site. If you encounter a wonderful blog at Pinterest, and a photo…if you use it, give them a big shout out and full credits. OR better yet, it might be a good thing to notify them that you are doing so and allow time for them to respond. In the last few days we’ve been having alot of further commentary on these exact issues. Some are concerned that Pinterest could take our photos and sell them elsewhere. I, personally, understand that angst but in the long run it’s another form of promotion for you. A good idea to keep that to a dull roar might be to WATERMARK your photos; many at Etsy do. That way the credit is embedded in the photo. It’s so easy to become frightened by legal ramifications; in this case so long as you are playing fair and using your head, I think you will be fine. For me, Pinterest has already proved invaluable—just as Etsy has. I have a large creative group, community of friends, at the B’sue Boutiques Creative Group at Flickr. I pin their photos all the time, and they are fine with it. Many have gotten lots of new sales because of it, and I have, too. I pin some of my work, and some of the supplies I sell, striving for nice, balanced boards. If I want to use a pin photo for a purpose other than repinning at Pinterest, I try and find the owner and ask and always give them a big shout out and a credit. Don’t be afraid of Pinterest!

  7. I’m still on the fence on the copyright concerns about Pinterest. All the caution and good advice in the post here, (thank you so much Brenda, well written and thought out)doesn’t quell an uneasiness I feel about Pinterest. Yes, above all I would say get permission from the artist or creative source. But that doesn’t keep someone else from repinning and they may not use the photo in a way the original artist may intend when giving you permission. I’ve read all the arguments that “it’s done everywhere on the net” and “if you don’t want your photos stolen or shared, why do you post them on the net”. That’s avoiding the concern……it’s giving in to the fact that everyone is doing it so it’s ok. I know Pinterest can be a great promotional tool, in a very fun and beautiful environment. I’ve had an account for a few months and love it, but I have removed all my boards for now until I settle a lot of this in my own mind. In fact I’m making changes on my blog with share buttons, etc until I feel comfortable. I want to make a profit just like anyone else on etsy, artfire, etc. But Pinterest seems to be out of control with lack of pinning etiquette, acknowledgments and copyright violations……most innocent rather than intentional….. and for now that comes before advertising and promotion for me. Much to my dismay, actually! I wish I could find a compromise and good articles like this with such great suggestions help me work through this in my heart.

  8. Thanks for the info. I’ve been thinking about getting into Pinterest, but didn’t know if I could spare the time. After reading this post I’ll give it a try.

  9. Great info! Thanks! I love your Pathways board! I’m a huge fan of pathway photography!

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