Thursday , 23 May 2019
Krrb is a hyper-local online classifieds platform dedicated to second-hand, handmade, and vintage wares.

Krrb and Apartment Therapy Have Made Shopping Local Awesome!

Supporting local artists and small business just got cooler and easier!! Check out and how easy it is to list your Etsy items not only on but on Apartment Therapy as well!

Here is a bit more about Krrb from the Krrb team!!

“Krrb is a hyper-local online classifieds platform dedicated to second-hand, handmade, and vintage wares. It brings together the best of Etsy and Craigslist while cutting the clutter, the scammers, and the spammers.

Here at Krrb we are intent on promoting the idea of the “Borderless Web” and actively encourage sellers to post across platforms using our Krrb it button. Once installed (within seconds), this magical button allows you to instantly publish your posts from Etsy, Craigslist, and Ebay to Krrb with one simple click. It is pretty dang cool if we do say so ourselves! Our whole goal is to help you sell your stuff in the fastest, simplest way possible. You can also, of course, post your listings to Twitter and Facebook in one fell swoop, spreading the love amongst your community.

Oh yeah, and we’re also the folks behind the Classifieds of the premiere home and design site, Apartment Therapy. Because of this unique partnership, any home-goods you post on Krrb also gain exposure to Apartment Therapy’s upwardly mobile 10 million plus monthly visitors. That’s pretty special! And…you’re also reaching anyone who uses Google (you’ve heard of that right?) as all Krrb listings are uniquely tied into the search engine through Google Shopping, thereby sending all your products to anyone who conducts Google searches. Nice!

Krrb was designed, built, and run by Area 17, the same people who have created some of the most highly trafficked and influential websites in the world, including Jay Z’s Life and Times and Spin Magazine.

On top of all that, we pride ourselves on customer service. We’re accessible day and night, for everything from helping you to create your very own tantalizingly sweet Krrb corner to promoting you and your goods on our homepage, blog or newsletter, to protecting your transactions and creating a safe environment. We consider it our duty as good neighbors!

In short, Krrb is faster. It’s easier. It’s safer. It’s cheaper. What’s not to love?”

Right now Apartment Therapy and Krrb are holding a contest and you could win a $1000 shopping spree! Click the pic below for all the info!


Check out my wishlist Pinterest board full of items I would love to have if I would win the giveaway! Click the pic to see them all!




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