Tuesday , 25 June 2019
Nothing says the holidays quite like a sparkling string of lights. Whether draped around a Christmas tree or hung overhead in shopping centers across America, when you see those twinkles, you just can't help but feel merry and bright!

Lighten Up Your Holiday Decor

Lighten Up your Holiday Decor

Nothing says the holidays quite like a sparkling string of lights. Whether draped around a Christmas tree or hung overhead in shopping centers across America, when you see those twinkles, you just can’t help but feel merry and bright!

But why should these holiday heroes remain permanently typecast in traditional roles? After all, their very stringy and flexible structure begs to be utilized in unexpected ways and applications!

So, when you want a fresh twist for your holiday decorating this year, dust off your old-school string lights and put them to better use in creative and festive new ways in everything from your walls to your furniture.

Do the Twist

In addition to wrapping string lights around greenery that you drape around the mantle, don’t forget about wreaths that may or may not hang from your doors. For example, you can transform a regular door wreath into a lovely, lit “centerpiece” for a coffee table.

Other places to adorn with your light-twisted garlands include:

  • Bookcase: dress up individual shelves or even outline the piece of furniture itself as a front “frame” attached to the facing of the bookcase
  • Windows and Doors: secure the garlands around the casing and create a picture-esque scene visible both inside and out
  • Computer Desk: if you have one with legs, wrap the lights around the individual legs and if you have a solid base, attach the garlands around the top and sides

Corner Christmas Cards and Photos Station

To create a sparkling seasonal station, replace the simple clothesline rope from the above picture with string lights and secure Christmas cards and holiday photos with the clothespins.

Hang this unique holiday light display in the corner of a room in descending tiers (in a zigzag pattern) so that the bottom tier is near a wall outlet for you to plug it in.

Secure the string to the wall using removable adhesive hooks (loop the string over the hook before going back the way you came for the next level) or even heavy duty tape.

*Tip: By using a white string and clear lights, you can leave this display up year-round and tailor it to the season or specific holiday!

String Light Centerpiece

For the ultimate table centerpiece, gather together a string (or multiple strings depending on how large you want your centerpiece) of lights and drape metallic strings of beads atop the lights to maximize the sparkle and illumination shining out of your centerpiece.

From here, fill the center of your centerpiece (it’s like décor inside of décor!) with all manner of festive finds including:

  • Ornaments
  • Decorative bowl of fresh fruits and berries
  • Candles
  • Greenery
  • Cornucopia with nature’s bounty
  • Dried fruits and decorated accents like gold-leafed gourds, metallic painted pumpkins, and glitter-coated leaves

Festive Frame

Similar to the centerpiece string light surround, create a festive light “frame” on the wall with string lights. You can use the frame as an abstract art installation (if there is nothing inside) or place your family’s holiday photo in the center. Alternatively, you might encircle picture frames or hanging artwork.

For maximum impact, surround a mirror with the lights – not only will everyone look their best for their holiday close-ups because the mirror is sufficiently lit, but you can also reflect the beams of light around the room creating a brighter space overall!

Keep ‘Em Separated

If you’re looking for unique room dividers, an awesomely bright idea is to hang a “wall” of lights from the ceiling! You can go from floor to ceiling or even use icicle lights to stop partway between the top and bottom of the room.

What are some of the unique ways you have seen string lights put to use in holiday decor?

Chris Long has been a Home Depot “on the floor” sales associate since 2000, and is a contributor on home and furniture decor for Home Depot’s Home Decorators.com website. Chris’s interests range from providing advice on bookcases and room dividers to living room furniture and coffee tables. 

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