Thursday , 4 June 2020

Loving Pinterest


Pinterest is quickly becoming my brand new obsession, so I wanted to share a little bit about it with you today, so we can all be equally obsessed with it!

I first heard about Pinterest when I took the Social Media Blitz Course offered for free by Handmadeology. It wasn’t on my radar at all before then, so like a good e-course student, I headed over and tried to sign up. I was foiled in my attempt when Pinterest told me I needed and invite to join. At that time, I wasn’t so clear on its purpose, so honestly, I just clicked away. Silly me.

Earlier this week I was revisiting the Social Media Blitz course because I had gotten off track with a program that was actually working really well for me. So, as I am reading through the course again, I come across the section on social bookmarking, and there it is again: Pinterest. This time I wasn’t ready to wait. I posted on my Facebook page and asked for someone to send me an invitation.

Like internet magic, about 45 minutes later (apparently it can take a while) my invites to Pinterest started rolling in. Just as I was figuring out how Pinterest works, my husband comes up behind me and asks, “What is that?” “Pinterest,” I say, “I’m not sure exactly how it works yet, but I can tell I am really going to like it.”

Like it is kind of an understatement. I am loving Pinterest! It’s one of those things that I think I really was missing in my online life, but didn’t know it until I found it! I know that sounds very dramatic, but I don’t often get excited about websites…

I really have only been using it for a couple of days, but I am so excited every time I find something I want to “pin.” Pinning is what Pinterest is all about. Like their about page explains, Pinterest is ” a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and “follow” collections created by people with great taste.”

When you first get started, Pinterest offers up some board ideas to you because, this is the great thing, you can categorize photos on to several boards to keep everything organized. Suggested boards included things like “for the home,” and “my style pinboard,” and “books worth reading.” Cool. I’ve since added the following boards:  Inspiration and Motivation, Crafty Food Projects, Art and Craft Fair Posters, and All Things Hipster (yeah, I know… just look at it when you get a chance).

I am going to get so lost in Pinterest… Oh wait, I just did (for 20 minutes!) while I was looking for a few photos to post here!

I highly suggest you get yourself on Pinterest without delay. Leave me a comment if you need an invite, and be sure to follow me and I’ll be sure to follow you! 

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  1. I also love Pinterest! It’s so easy to use and you can collect nice boards there. My Pinterest boards can be found here:

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun and very interesting.. I would appreciate an invite..
    Thank you very much,
    Take care!

  3. I love love love mine too. I’ve had it a month or so and I am SO addicted. I have to check it daily and I am adding more and more boards to keep things organized. It’s so easy to use and so addictive. Thanks Tim

  4. Oh, if anyone wants an invite, just email me at I hand them out like candy.

  5. sounds interesting,as if I need one more addiction…Would love to get an invite

  6. Thanks so much, I never really understood how it works, but have found myself being pinned.

    I’ve sent you an email Mandy….thanks so much! You’re sweet!

    Pei Li

  7. Thanks for that post Mandy – am sending you an email now!! =)

  8. I love Pinterest too!! So many things to pin, so little time!!!

  9. OMG- I am so addicted to Pinterest.
    1) it’s a complete visual experience- love it.
    2) that all you have to do is pin an image & it bookmarks that original site [so it can be sourced] & you can add a quick note about what caught your eye. More often than not, there was an image on a site that I though spectacular. I always forget what I wanted to write about with traditional bookmarks.

    Right. I like pinterest too. ;)

  10. Oh no, not another thing to be addicted to! So does it help with your Etsy shop at all? I’d read about it in the Social Media Blitz too but like you, blew it off when I saw it was by invitation.

    Could you send me an invite?

  11. Hi,

    I just discovered it this past week and was disappointed when I couldn’t get in. I would appreciate an invitation. Thanks so much.


  12. I’ve signed up, just got my invite, and haven’t pinned a thing yet. Will get to know Pinterest more this weekend!

  13. Hi everyone! So glad you are liking learning about pinterest from my post. If you want an invite, you’ll need to shoot me an email at mellenlatta (at)

    Can’t wait to see all your pins!

    Also, Laurie, to answer your question, I do believe it helps your Etsy because it can get pictures of what you create out there in a new place for many people to see. That was the point of using it for the Social Media Blitz, but maybe Tim can clarify for us all.

  14. Pinterest will solve the problem when I can’t fit everything into an Etsy treasury!

  15. I did the Social Media course too and without the invite, didn’t follow up on Pinterest….guess I still need an invite! Can you send one?

    Thanks for renewing my interest!


  16. Cool, just what I need! Thank You!

  17. totally would appreciate an invite if you have any left;)

  18. YEAH… Sounds Fun, Count ME In!!! Please send me an invite!!!

    Thanks in advance,


  19. like many, many, others I have been DYING to try pinterest…but still waiting for the invite! (I feel like the ugly stepchild here!)
    PLEASE, if anyone could share an invite, it would be most appreciated!

  20. Would love an invite. Thanks. This sounds like fun and yes another addiction. LOLOL

  21. I would love an invite- I need another cool reason to sit in front of the computer all day- sounds exciting! is my email if anyone would care to invite me :) Thanks!

  22. Yes, I totally agree, Pintrest really is a super fantastic visual experience.Love every minute spend on pinning. So much inspiration to discover and so much beautiful images to look at.Highly recommended.

  23. I love Pinterest! It’s wonderful!!!!

  24. This looks like so much fun! Would someone please “invite” me?

  25. I’m just getting used to the site, having pinned only a few items.

    I like seeing other artists photos, as I’m so new at that aspect of my craft. What catches my eye, I’m attempting to mimic as I photograph any new additions to my site.

  26. Hi Lisa,

    I bet you have really been busy since you
    posted this blog about Pinterest. I, too,
    tried to get on when I took the 5 day Social
    Media Blitz. I’m still trying, I’ll e-mail
    you and thanks for the “heads up”. elizabeth

  27. I am just getting started with Pinterest and is fast becoming a fav! I need a day just to sit, browse and pin like crazy :)

  28. I would really like an invite to Pinterest! I’ll definitely share some invites too once I get on. =]

  29. http:www/

    I would love to be invited, this looks very interesting.

  30. I’d also love an invite! I’ve been wondering about this. Thanks!

  31. Please send me an invite. I need all the help I can get!

  32. Thanks for the encouragement – I signed up and kind-of started doing it, also because of the Social Media Blitz Course, but got sidetracked. Back on it!! Thanks.

  33. Thanks for the encouragement – I got an invite, signed up, and only kind-of got going on it. Back at it!!

  34. I would love an invite if still going. Thanks.

  35. Hi Martha and everyone at Handmadeology!

    I’m Enid, from Team Pinterest, and I wanted to say thanks for posting about us, Martha – we really appreciate it!

    It also seems like there’s a pretty big response for invites so anyone can use this invite link to get started with pinning:

    It can be clicked multiple times, or you can copy-paste it to get started on Pinterest.

    I hope that helps and happy pinning! :)

    - Enid, communicated manager at Pinterest.

  36. Thanks for the info and introduction to this new site. I would like an invite please if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks

    Misty Ridge Designs

  37. Pinterest sounds fascinating and just what I don’t need timewise (lol). I would love an invite from someone please.

  38. I love Pinterest, too~! So fun to share all kinds of great things!

    I can be found at:

  39. So, I guess I should leave my other info:



    Follow me & I will follow you back!

  40. Mackenzie Andersen

    I would love an invite.

  41. Great information. Thank you for sharing!

  42. i just joined this week and started pinning a couple of days ago. its so fun!

  43. I’m having trouble keeping up with all the wonderful places to visit!

  44. …not to mention typos! Good Grief!
    I can be found at

  45. Please send me an invite! Thanks!

  46. I’ve been on Pinterest for a few weeks now and am hooked. It’s such a quick way to bookmark things of interest, and so much fun to see what others have found. L.O.V.E. it!

  47. Invite please! And thanks! And, just Stumbled Upon your site today and LOVE it!!

  48. Thanks so much for the info, and I would love an invite!

  49. I “stumbledupon” Pinterest and am itching to try it out. It’s amazing the wonderful things people have displayed on their boards and can’t wait to have my own. I would love an invite :)

  50. I found out about it by noticing it in my google stats …my shop items are getting pinned!

    I couldn’t really take the time at the moment to submerge and figure it out…so here I am learning about it from your a couple days after first hearing of it.

    Invite please!

    Yay Thanks!

  51. Oh my. I love, love, Pinterest, but unfortunatley I haven’t been able to get an invite yet. I would love if you could send me an invite! I’m new to the blogging world but you can find my blog here. And I’m your newest follower! Thanks for this post :)


  52. Pinterest is definitely my new addiction! Pin It here… Pin It there… LOVE to Pin It!

  53. funny – stumbled across this site today and was loving it!…i just requested an invite..hope i get one soon..i want everything i see there- its awesome!

  54. I would appreciate an invitation also.
    It looks so exciting!

  55. I would also appreciate an invitation. Thx

  56. You don’t need to be requested by another user, you just have to go on the homepage and request an invite. They will send you the invite to your email :)

  57. interesting! i’ve been seeing this online a lot lately… nice to have it explained… thank you! i’d love an invite… yay! thanks!

  58. Can someone please invite me to pinterest…waiting too long, thanks,

  59. Please invite me too! I think it would help me become more organized and hopefully help me get more etsy sales. I will be happy to follow back! God bless.

  60. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get on this site for a while – I’d love an invite if you could!


  61. I’m so glad to see this – I’ve just recently joined and I think I have the general idea… but I really don’t understand it {or even how to pronounce it, Lol, P-Interest, PIN-Terest, PIN-Inerest?}. I think I need to spend time and read their “Help” section. I have pinned a few things, but only because a site I was on, had a little “Pin” icon that allowed me to “pin” it. How do you “Pin” if there is no icon?
    It is an awesome Idea and I can see getting lost in it for sure!

  62. I would love a Pinterest invite and I would surely follow you!!

  63. Aloha, I’m a poet, writer, and yoga teacher who is obsessed with pinterest and wonder/hope there might be an invitation left for me.. I want to use pinterest to create art journal style sensory mood boards practices for deepening my/our connection to Beauty for my book in progress engaging the senses. I currently blog about it at :)
    Sabrina on Maui

  64. Hi, My name is Dora…My interest is in re-purposing clothing to create clothing for orphans.I am hoping to receive & contribute great ideas in re-purposing clothing, and hoping that others will become excited about duplicating what I am doing…
    I hope to be able to show young single mothers here locally, to learn how to make some simple clothing for their children.
    I also mentor ‘hurting’ women…I love reaching into women & pulling out the ‘greatness’ that God created in them. I am a Christian and love my Lord for creating within me the wonderful gifts & talents that I can share with others.
    I would love an invitation to Pinterest

  65. i love the idea.
    please invite me :)

  66. I got it!! and lost in pin EVERYDAY!!!!

    Here is my pin:

  67. Please send me a link to Pinterest? Thank you in advance

  68. Please send me a invute to Pinterest? Thank you in

  69. Adrienne Deville

    I’m having a really hard getting an invite on Pinterest. If anyone could send me an invite I would greatly appreciate it! I am dying to join!!!!! Lol my email is

  70. Please send me an invite. Thanks

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