Tuesday , 14 July 2020
Martha Stewart’s American Made Store Launches on Amazon

Martha Stewart’s American Made Store Launches on Amazon

Martha Stewart is moving her eBay American Made store over to Amazon.  Martha Stewart’s eBay store of hand picked items launched in 2013 in hopes of competing with Etsy.  This week both eBay and Ms. Stewart confirmed that they are parting ways.

“It’s a much bigger audience,” Stewart told NYT. “It’s the powerhouse retailer online in the United States. It’s a step in the right direction, I think, to showcase the vast number of entrepreneurial small companies in the United States. And some of these companies might become the giants of tomorrow.”

Check out Martha Stewart American Made

Here is one creative business owner that is feature in the American Made store.  Sheep Farm Felt.

sheep fam felt

You can also find Sheep Farm Felt on Etsy.  Be sure to check out their shop, they have over 3000 sales!

Sheep Farm Felt was also featured in out Road to 1000 series last year.  Read that feature HERE.

sheep felt garland 

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