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The first step was to create the bunting. I enjoy soldering and had all of the supplies so I went with glass, but it could certainly be created with nice fabrics, lace, or even paper.

Modern Save the Date DIY

Save the Date Tutorial

It seems like many Do-It-Yourselfers want to come up with their own unique Save the Date announcements and I was no exception.

As I wrote about here, I decided to use handmade bunting as the “theme” for mine. Here’s the finished product (minus our full names and actual wedding website).

Below is a tutorial for how these were created.

The first step was to create the bunting. I enjoy soldering and had all of the supplies so I went with glass, but it could certainly be created with nice fabrics, lace, or even paper. I knew I wanted 15 pieces, one blank one on each end and between the words and then enough pieces to include SAVE THE DATE – one letter per glass piece. (Another option could be to include your names or your wedding date on the bunting instead of “Save the Date”)

Once the bunting was soldered and strung together with ribbon (I used two pieces of ribbon since the glass is pretty heavy), it was time to decide how I wanted it incorporated into the photo. I have a friend who is a wonderful photographer so we tossed around some different ideas — my fiance and I holding up each end, attaching it to a couple of poles with us blurred out in the background, us swinging on a playground and holding it up, the possibilities are endless. One idea that I’ve thought of since is to hang it from an old clothes line and include random photos of you and your fiance around it which are held up with clothespins — with a vintage look to the photo, that could be really cool, especially for a backyard wedding!

In the end, we decided to hang the bunting from a bench that we sat on overlooking Louisville, KY – the location of our wedding. Here’s the photo we selected.

The next task was to decide what size announcement and envelope to use. To keep it simple I chose to go with an A7 envelope and a 5×7 announcement. I like that it’s 5×7 since many photo labs (Shutterfly, Snapfish, Kodak, etc.) run deals all the time so you could likely order them at a great discount. Another reason I went with that size is because I could order a box of 250 A7 envelopes, which will cover both my Save the Dates and my Invitations.

Next up was the inner envelope. I’ve read online that you can order tiny envelopes similar to the ones I made, but I’d imagine they’re pricey and I wanted to include some custom information on mine, such as the destination. So I opted to make my own and it really wasn’t difficult. It was a bit like an origami project at the very beginning. I started playing around with different ways to fold it and eventually came up with the design below. One 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper held 4 tiny envelopes. I printed them on gray paper since that was one of my colors, but they could be printed on any color paper.

Once the inner envelope was designed, I created triangles with our wedding date on them 3 – 24 – 12.  Again, I used our wedding colors, pink – gray – pink to compliment the gray envelope, but you can change it up however you’d like or even add a pattern/design to the triangles.  Once I made the triangles the size I wanted them, I created a layout like this to get the most out of the paper.  For the gray, I printed on a shimmery gray paper and the pink was printed on a white shimmery paper.  Here’s what the files looked like.

From there, I added SAVE THE DATE onto the photo in Illustrator and designed the base of the announcement. To carry the bunting theme all the way through, I also added tiny gray triangles to the bottom of the photo and the bottom of the announcement.  Using this design, I ordered prints through a local printer.

The next step: assembly!  I spread this out over several days, so it may seem a bit overwhelming but it really wasn’t bad.  I cut and folded all of the inner envelopes first.  I then determined how much string I would need and cut all of the pieces of string.  After that, I worked on the triangles containing the date.  I was planning to use a hole punch, but I couldn’t find a small enough one at the local office supply or hobby store so I decided to use a tool that I use to punch holes in metal.  I purchased it online quite some time ago, but I’ve since seen it on Amazon.  I strung all of the triangles and tied a little knot on the very end to make it easier for the invitees to pull it out.

With the inner envelope in hand, I taped the string with the date into the inside of it, placing the rest of the string inside the envelope with only the knotted end of it sticking out the flap.  I then used a Super Strong glue stick to glue the bottom inner edge of the envelope and the left flap to seal it closed from those two sides.  I wanted to make it easy for the invitees to open the envelope, so I used a scrap-booking mosaic sticker by Mark Richards, but you could seal it with a variety of different things.

Once the envelope is sealed, it’s ready to be attached to the photo/base of the announcement.  I attached it with two pieces of double sided tape.  And VOILA – it’s done and ready to be mailed!


  • I would recommend punching the holes into the triangles prior to cutting them out.
  • When designing the envelopes and triangles, use a light colored thin line for the outlines so you can see it when cutting them out but if you don’t cut it perfectly, it won’t be noticeable.
  • If you’d like to use my templates for the inner envelopes or triangles, email me and I’d be happy to send them to you in an editable format.

If you use some variation of this design for your Save the Dates, I would love to see your finished product.  Feel free to post a link in the comments or email me if you’d like to be featured on my blog.

How-to by:  Remaking Memories


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  1. O.M.G.! WONDERFUL! I love this idea! I was obsessed with DIY wedding stuff and I had so much fun doing it – look like you did too! QUESTION: What did you use to cute the paper for your smaller envelopes? They look so uniformly cut! Well, I guess the first question should have been, was it a square piece of paper before, or did it come with the flaps already dye-cut?

    THANKS! And what a wonderfully creative idea! I can’t wait to see the formal invite – I hope you share your final piece :-)

    • Thanks, Megan! I actually cut the small envelopes by hand – 4 envelopes per each 8 1/2 x 11 page. I tried to cut just inside the outline so it wouldn’t show, but hopefully my attendees don’t look too close to see that they weren’t perfect. I haven’t decided on the invitations yet, but I’ll definitely feature them on my blog. :)

  2. I should really spell-check before I send. SHEESH! Sorry for the mistyped words!

  3. You mentioned creating a layout. Did you draw the triangles on a sheet of paper and scan it or is there a way to do it on the computer to save time?

  4. KRAP! I’m already married! This is a wonderfully inspired project!

  5. So creative! Did you use the glass bunting in the wedding or reception?

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