Friday , 4 December 2020
I recently published my small business blog, Marketing Creativity ( for the Kindle. Kindle Blog subscriptions typically costs $.99, and you get automatic updates from the blog direct to your Kindle.

Monetize Your Blog – How to Publish Your Blog for the Kindle for FREE!

Beautiful iPad moleskin case

Beautiful iPad moleskin case | by: Padandquill

I recently published my small business blog, Marketing Creativity ( for the Kindle. Kindle Blog subscriptions typically costs $.99, and you get automatic updates from the blog direct to your Kindle.

Not only that, you can publish your blog on the Kindle too–for freeeeee!!! Here’s how:

1. Visit Kindle Publishing for Blogs by Amazon

2. Sign in (if you’ve published for the Kindle before) or Create an Account. You’ll be asked to provide your basic information, plus your bank account numbers (because YOU’LL GET PAID a portion of the $.99 fee when someone signs up!).

3. Link your blog. It will ask for the URL address (RSS feed), test the link, and … you’re published! Give it a day or two, and you’ll be able to find your blog in the Amazon Kindle store.

Have fun! And leave a link in the comments to your listing on Amazon when you’re done ♥

Check out Handmadeology for the Kindle HERE

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  1. A couple things to note: Blog publishing for Kindle is still in BETA, so you may run into a few kinks. You may experience difficulty logging back in once your blog gets published. Try using different browsers–and Mozilla typically works better than Internet Explorer.

    There is a delay in payment, every blog comes with a free 14-day trial, and Kindle always pays 30 days behind, in case of returns. In other words, expect payment for your February subscriptions in April.

    Finally, the blogs are only available for the Kindle at this time (no apps support it yet), so it won’t work on your phone or iPad.

    All the best!

  2. This is awesome! It was very simple to set up.

  3. Thanks super easy just did it.

  4. if we wait until it’s out of beta and is working smoothly will we still get paid?

  5. Great! I mean, it’s on blogger for free anyway. :) The more readers the better and getting paid would be a plus! Thanks!

  6. Why wouldn’t you sign up? Truly a no-brainer.

  7. Hmm, only for the UK and USA? I have a Canadian address, but Canada wasn’t given as an option. We’ll see if they approve me.
    Blarg. Love Canada!!!!! We are your friendly neighbours :)

  8. Thanks! Very simple to do. My blog is now pending approval.

  9. just signed up. exciting!

  10. Thanks for this info! We are pending as well!

  11. Amazon is amazing, finding new ways to make money all the time. Sounds like an easy thing to do.

  12. Thanks so much. I am new to blogging and appreciate the advice. Found your post from Pinterest.

  13. Thanks for the info. Did it tonight and it was pretty easy.

    I found reading the ‘help’ to the right of the sign-up helpful to avoid mistakes in the set-up.

    I also found that doing a search of keywords in the blogs already on Amazon was helpful in narrowing down what keywords to use for the most potential exposure. As well as choosing which of the three topic areas to place the blog.

  14. Thanks for the post, I just added up my blog.

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