Friday , 19 April 2019

My Etsy Story – Akamatra



Hello, my name is Maro and I am Akamatra!

The shop’s name is an old fashioned way to say (in Greek) that a woman is lazy in house related chores. That’s me because I’d rather make jewelry and other handmade creations than do my chores! At first I thought of using my real name – Supergirl – but then I figured that no one would believe me since I wear my panties under and not over my tights (!). I can assure you though that’s our only difference ;) … I make my own jewelry since my mum introduced me to the magic world of seed beads at the age of eight. I decided to open Akamatra’s when I discovered etsy and after my friends and loved ones encouraged me to. They did have much choise on it either, since I was staring at the recently listed items 24-7!

I am inspired by the materials I use, chemistry, geometry, the light, nature. Ideas come uninvited in the worst of times; when I have no pen nor paper and no time to find some. Thankfully I have some brain cells still functioning so I can recall them.

I quite a newbie at Etsy but in a few months I’ve learnt things I could not dream I could! I think I was not reading this hard for my PhD in biochemistry! I think the most important business rule I am taking with me all day long is never discount quality, only prices!

If I could give one advise to a new (newer than me) seller it would be study, study, study. And when you are through, study some more!

Thanks this was fun!


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  1. Beautiful jewelry – and a great shop name ;o)

  2. Fantastic story! I totally love her work!!!

  3. Maro is such a wonderful artist and a super-sweet person. I love, love, love her work!!!

  4. lovely story and creations!

  5. So much fun name!! Great artist! :)

  6. He he! Having been born and raised in Athens, Greece, I had a fun surprise when I read the name ‘Akamatra’ :) Hey, Maro, if you read this, I am an akamatra too and I think you’re so right to set the house chores aside so you can create. Pleased to meet you!

  7. Wonderful creations from a very sweeeeet girl!!!
    Thnx for sharing!!

  8. Akamatraaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Well, as I’ve already told her, there is a village in my home island, Ikaria, that is called Akamatra. For the same reasons I think!!!!!!
    Wonderful etsy story with so much humor!!!! ♥♥♥

  9. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Nice to get to know you a bit more!
    Good luck on Etsy!

  10. Lovely jewelry!
    I love how they shimmer and shine!

  11. lovely read!thanks for sharing :)

  12. Thank you all for your kind words!!!

  13. It’s nice to know a bit more about you. Your work is amazing!

  14. Great artist!!! Lovely jewelry!! And a cool person too! :)

  15. I had great fun reading your interview and i admire your work too and i have to say that you may call your self akamatra but on the other hand lots of patience is required for your beedwork!!! Congrats!!!

  16. Great post! Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Study, study, study… Bah!! Just have fun with it! XDDD :))) ;)

    Nc job btw!

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