Thursday , 19 July 2018
My name is Lori and I am charmed design. My first bracelets came into being as something constructive and positive to do while recovering from a sudden and life threatening illness.

My Etsy Story – charmed design


My Etsy Story – charmed design

My name is Lori and I am charmed design. My first bracelets came into being as something constructive and positive to do while recovering from a  sudden and life threatening illness.

Two years ago this June, I woke to find myself in the intensive care unit  with absolutely no knowledge of how I got there. I learned that I had become ill from an infection that was a side effect of a routine tooth extraction. I came very close to dying, had several life saving surgeries, and am blessed to be here today.

I lost my job, home, and life as I knew it, but surviving such a near death experience has made me feel and believe that I am indeed – CHARMED. Hence my name, Charmed Design 1012. The 1012 is the birthday of someone very close to me. .

I am often see something I like and think “I can do that.” I then proceed to learn how. Jewelry making is one of those things. A friend of mine received a beautiful silk wrap bracelet for her birthday. I fell in love and thought, “I can do that.” And so, during my long recovery, I began to make wrap charm bracelets.

After a month or two, I had a pile of pretty bracelets and, after encouragement from my very supportive family, decided to open up shop on Etsy. My shop has been open a year now. It becomes more successful every month. In this first year, I have sold over 700 pieces and  have several wholesale and consignment accounts. I was even featured just last week on a Eyewitness News segment in New York City called ‘Secret Sales.’ The segment featured six Etsy shops and I was lucky enough to be one of them!

In my first year, I have learned so very much. I am constantly looking for new ways to market my shop.  I designed a logo, banner, business cards, wrapping that are all cohesive as a brand. I seek out opportunities, like this, to expose my line to new audiences. I now have a Tumblr blog and a Facebook page. I tweet. I pin on (my new favorite – check it out if you haven’t already).  I make treasuries. I joined teams.

But, my most important marketing tool is amazing customer service. I try to return emails within an hour, mail items the same day they are bought, wrap them beautifully, make changes to pieces for free, anything reasonable that makes my customers happy. There is no better advertising than a happy customer.

Out of tragedy has come something beautiful.  I have a job I love and am getting healthier by the day.  My jewelry reflects my experience and  love for life. I share this by using charms that inspire me and make me smile and stones I find beautiful. My jewelry is all about feeling good.


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  1. Oh Lori, you are an inspiration to all.
    The perfect example of ‘strength amidst adversity’ :D Am glad to know you, kisses and all the best!! J+R

  2. A great feature for a wonderful Etsy seller!

  3. Inspirational indeed! And really beautiful work. I’m just starting out, so this is very helpful to me – especially the part about great customer service. Best wishes to you for continued success!

  4. Wow, what a story. So glad that you were able to rebound and be such an inspiration. Last year, I too was fighting for my life after a year of being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Had almost no blood in my system. This caused my heart to almost fail. Thank goodness for prayers and miracles. The best thing that came out of all of that is I now know I need to do what I love. And all those things I was waiting to do later, I am doing them now. If people really knew how fragile life is, they wouldn’t waste time living a life that doesn’t bring them joy. I hope that you continue to have joy in your life and that you recover fully!

  5. The same thing happened to my mother back in 1968 (bacterioendocarditis after dental work). She’s now one of the healthiest, most active seniors around :-).

  6. Very inspiring story Thanks for sharing.
    helpful for all
    Your shop is beautiful
    Art and crafts are great!!

  7. Lori,

    I’m so happy for your success.


  8. Someone I used to work with had a similar experience, and it just amazes me that something that should be routine and everyday, can end-up as a life threatening ordeal. You’ve given us all a chance to stop and smell the roses and remember to never take anything for granted. Trite but true.

    Congrats for turning tragedy into victory, and continued success to you! Good for you to rise above the muck and find new purpose; you have a strong and indomitable spirit!

  9. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful words of support, they are much appreciated!

  10. Very nice advice. You truly are charmed!

  11. Thank you for sharing your experiences! I’m glad you’re getting better day by day! :)

  12. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.
    As a cancer survivor, I can relate to your experiences.
    Wishing you continued success and good health.

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