Wednesday , 23 May 2018

New Etsy Profile Pages – Good or Bad?

new etsy profile pages

More changes happening over on Etsy.  Etsy has beefed up the profile pages for it’s users.  You will see newly listed items, treasuries made ( with the number of views!), favorite items, and favorite shops.   You can set your favorites as private so they won’t show up…

new etsy profile pages

So what do you think about the new Etsy profile page?

Do you like the new Etsy profile pages?

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Leave your comments below as well! 

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  1. Mine doesn’t seem to have kicked in yet, but I like these screen shots.

  2. ilike it–bigger pictures–and they are still crystal clear–make me pretty jewelry even nicer to the eye–which is what its all about, eh?

  3. yes, this definitely makes more sense and goes together with the new larger format etsy we’ve seen rolling out.

  4. I like the cleaner look of the new formats- the only thing I question is including “treasuries made” in a profile- I think that treasuries have a place, but I wonder if they need to be attached to our profiles

  5. I really like it. What I don’t like is the crazy negativity in the Etsy Forums. It makes them almost useless when they get filled up with threads hating every change. If you don’t like Etsy, move on.

  6. I like them! I think they look great. It’s more visual, which is important.

  7. I do like the clean look and the wide format.

    I really have to disagree with the cutting off of the profile requiring the always annoying “read more” pop up.

    I understand the frustration in the forum..but I too can only read so much of it!

  8. The reason I voted no on the new Etsy profile page is that I do not like having my favorite shop avatars display because what if one of those shops decides to have mature art as their avatar and it is on my profile. I may not know right away and I would never want such a thing on my profile.

    • ooh that’s a good point. I made mine private because I sometimes use favorites to mark possible gifts while I’m doing Christmas shopping, and since everything is linking to favorites now I don’t want friends and family who look at my shop to “snoop in the closet”. ;-)

  9. Otherwise I like the new page.

  10. Rokstudy – One thing that I just read on another post on is that you can organise your Favourite Shops! So – if you have the foresight, you could put your “tried & true clean” Etsy Favourite first. :)

    It was a pleasant surprise to look at someone’s profile page today and check out all the cool things they like. :D I’m really happy with the changes.

    Also, I think it’s wonderful that they put our treasuries down at the bottom, cos if people like our SHOPS, that means they may like our TASTE! They get a chance to get to know our visual aesthetic, we get clicks on our treasuries which might get us closer to Front Page.

    That’s pretty much all good news to me.

  11. I really love the look overall. So much brighter and more attractive. I wish the treasuries were more of a list and that the favorites were a separate page away so it’s not as cluttered and showing off the competition. It would be fun to be able to add a personal picture (perhaps of me at work or my workspace) and list links to blog, Facebook, etc. That would be a really great thing to add to the profiles. It’s better than it was, but there’s room for improvement.

  12. I’d also love a pensonal picture of us in our workspaces, to give people a feel for who we are and how we create. Good point.

  13. well it looks good but I think the place left for the bio is ridiculous.
    The profile should be the bio’s place.

    Right now your eye is attracted to everything but the bio, I think it’s a little sad.
    It would have been good to have a slightly larger space for the bio.

  14. I think it looks beautiful!

  15. The styling is nice, but I dislike that over half my bio is unseen unless a visitor clicks ‘read more’ for the rest. I don’t imagine most doing so, and while I can re-orient my info, the layout extends long enough with images that the text should be *allowed* to do the same. Are our words not just as important as our Favorites? So I’m gonna have to go with Dislike for the change because it places importance on other shops over me on my own Profile page!

  16. I like the look of it, but some things bother me. The shop title is cut of with …
    I don’t like having to click to read more. The whole profile should be visible. I don’t like the favorites there either. They’re my favorites. I’d appreciate an option to turn it off.

  17. The new page might “look pretty”, but it’s terrible for shop owners. People clearly aren’t considering the ramifications of a page that removes marketing information and increases the chance that customers will be driven away from your shop.

    The Bio, the one place in shops where owners can talk about themselves, personalize their shops, and provide potential customers with contact information like facebook and twitter, is now too small to adequately serve that function. The “more” button might seem okay, but people don’t push those buttons.

    Most of the page has been given over to favorites and treasuries – clicks on these take potential customers away from you shop. This is what so many sellers don’t seem to understand – THE NEW PAGE IS DESIGNED TO DRIVE TRAFFIC AWAY FROM YOUR SHOP!!!!

  18. I agree with a lot of people here, as I like the overall appearance of the new profile page, but am disappointed with how the Public Profile info is now so small and you have to click to scroll down to read more. I just updated mine to have more of a story on my background and now it’s hidden away!? :-( I also don’t like the Treasuries on my profile page very much.

    But I do like the cleaner lines and attractive layout. ;-)

  19. Not a fan of “Read More” wish Etsy would simply set a character limit. Does fill out your profile page more as a Seller though.

  20. I like the look but I agree with the comments about the “read more”, I want my whole profile in my profile where people can actually read it; and also the shop description is cut off, that box should be bigger. and the username under “shop” actually goes to the shop page, which is good, but the one at the top just opens another tab or window with the exact same profile page, which is ridiculous.
    my favorites are private and I have no treasuries so that stuff isn’t getting in the way.
    I didn’t vote in the poll because I like some of it but some things need to be fixed.

  21. The page seems out of balance to me.

    The whole bio needs to be seen without clicking to read more.

    If someone chooses to go look at my favorites it should open on a separate page so that they haven’t gone completely away from my shop. The way it is now they click, they’re in someone’s shop, they click on another item in that shop and poof….they’re gone.

    I liked having my favorites public, but not on my profile page. I’ve made them private for now, bummer.

  22. I like most of the changes…but I am noticing that a lot of sellers who have marked shop as favorite are now going private….that is pretty sad because…I miss out on an opportunity to build relationships and promote to those buyers who liked something in my shop…if everyone goes private out of fear..sellers loose the opportunity to target to his or her market audience.

  23. I like the clean line look of the new profile page, I also like how the favorites and items for sale are visible!

    I think this is a big improvement!

  24. The layout itself is attractive, but I feel that Etsy is putting too much onto one page. I would like the ability to choose what I want on my profile page, such as not showing favorites without having to make them private.
    I also think that just having shop favorites or just having item favorites would be sufficient, instead of showing both.

    I also do not like having to click “read more”, I would rather the whole thing would show, but then again, that is something I can work with.

    I LOVE how a mini of my items are shown to the right, that is nice!

    One thing I wish they would add is an arists photo. I would love to be able put a picture of me in my studio on my profile page.

    I think though, that the whole look of the shop and profile is going in a good direction! I’m definitely not complaining about Etsy making changes!

  25. So, I saw the Etsy blog and like Tim blogged about the new layout on my own website. Today, I’m browsing through the Etsy forums and see over 2,500 posts of mostly ANGRY people about the new layout.

    I guess I see some of the points people are making but I just don’t think it is as bad as everyone seems to think. Yes, people can see my favorites and my treasuries and they can click away from my shop. But they could do that already (not quite so easily I know). If someone REALLY wants to buy my roses and loves my products, they’re not going to FORGET the point of being in my shop and steer away.

    I have to believe that my average shopper isn’t a complete idiot. We do live in a tech savy world. I can figure out how to open a link in a new tab of Firefox so I can look at it later without clicking off my current page. I’m sure others can figure it out too.

    All in all, I like it! :) I’m a little disappointed that my bio is cut short my the announcement section, but otherwise I’m happy to have others on my profile that might result in someone else getting views/hearts/favorites.

  26. I’m wondering why the #EtsyHolidayBootCamp assignment was to update our bios/profile with more prose and stories, and then a week later, the new layout cuts it all off.

  27. I like it! I wonder if there is anyone like me though…I didn’t even know there was a new profile page until reading this. Busy, busy, busy! How many times do we look at our own profile page? Me? Obviously, not often enough….

  28. I don’t mind the idea of the favorites. I dislike the way it was handled.

    In the previous layout, the favorites were an addition. Unobstructing and secondary.

    Now favorites take up 2/3 of the space and treasuries take up even more and only include those you’ve made, not the ones you’re in as well.

    Your bio now has very little to do with you…especially seeing as the bio is truncated which reduces the ‘you’ real estate even more.

    WinchesterLambourne (I think) created a far better layout in which we could include our favorites in a way that was not so intrusive and which allowed our Bios to be about US. Which is as it should be.

    There are plenty of other place on Etsy for us to promote each other. Our bios shouldn’t be one of those places unless we can control of how it’s done.

    I hope Etsy will be considering what everyone on both sides of this debate have to say. Some of the suggestions are not over-the-top at all. It’s the same as with the Item Listing Pages.

  29. I love the look -so clean and professional. But I do agree with the “read more” comments already posted here. I am thrilled that etsy keeps working to improve and make things better for our benefit.

  30. I am concerned that if I keep my favorites and treasuries public so much of the real estate on the profile page is taken up by clickable images that will tempt people to click away from my shop. But it is important to me that people I favorite can see my avatar and come check out my shop, so I’m hoping it balances out.

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