Friday , 25 May 2018
Orange, The New Spring Color Trend!

Orange, The New Spring Color Trend!

‘Orange…The New Spring Color Trend!!’ by luvs2create2

PIF Organic Orange Calendula…


Maxi Dress in Burnt Orange, …


amber silver gold pendant


A Little Salsa Necklace


Infinity Scarf Copper Extra …


Aloha, Vintage Focal Necklac…


Orange Gerber Daisy Flower H…


Fabric Freedom Rainbow Garde…


Stevie Wonder Songs In Key o…


Altharis – silver wire wrap…


Mesmerizing Center


Czech Glass and Swarovski Vi…


Zen Dress-Short /Long Sleeve…


Charming and Functional Vint…


Spring Burnt Orange Duo Rose…


Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.


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  1. It looks more like fall to me.

  2. I say.. it looks more like fall than spring.

  3. That is why it is referred to as a new trend! :-D

  4. Interesting, it used to be mustard!

  5. I love it! Orange is perfect for anytime of year :)

    Bring it on!!!

  6. bright and cheery! great for spring! :)

  7. I think orange is a fantastic color for spring…any time actually! I’m happy to see new color trends

  8. I feel lucky that Shari choosed my jewelry for her beautiful treasury!
    It is great honor to be part of this!

  9. Wonderful orange party!

  10. celebrate the orange season!

  11. Assaf Wolowelsky

    No matter fall or spring – I love orange and items are beautiful.

  12. Orange is my favorite color!
    I can have it any time!

  13. So lovely! Feel fresh for this spring ^__^

  14. Orange is bright and fun-think tropical! I love pairing orange with turquoise for a spring/summer style.

  15. Orange is perfect for spring!!! Cheery wonderful color and wonderful items

  16. Orange is one of my favorite colors for any time of year

  17. Oh, I love orange! I call my orange buttons tangerine kissed!

  18. Awesome!! I need some warm colors!! Can’t wait for spring!! :)

  19. Tangy persimmon!

  20. These beautiful oranges brighten up the day. Lovely collection

  21. This is an awesome collection!

  22. I’ve noticed a surge in orange. Love the trend and it’s a beautiful treasury!

  23. Oranges come in many shades – that’s what makes it such a nice new trend. Great selection of items too.

  24. This put a smile on my face♥ These colors are beautiful! The Maxi dress is really pretty♥

  25. I’ve always LOVED orange, sometimes it makes me jealous when it becomes the current trend…

  26. Orange is great any time of year!

  27. Orange is vibrant and one of my favorite colors! I am honored to have the poppy fabric showcased in Shari’s collection!

  28. Love the color, love the season and love this treasury!

  29. Oh, I love this color! It looks so full of life!

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