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I Just Hit 200 Etsy Sales…. Here Are My Tips

I Love how helpful the Etsy community is when it comes to teaching others.  Here are some tips with a little different approach then the norm to  reaching 200 sales. knotworkshop says: 1) Inject your personality into your shop if you can. I am sure that it is my humor that is bringing customers in, not my mad crochet skillz ... Read More »

Etsy Treasury Spotting – Crafty In Denver

‘Crafty in Denver’ by DenverHandmade goodies from Denver Handmade Alliance members! Gray Rosette and Pearl Headb… fernandflorade… $22 ivory framed damask chalkboa… resplendid $65 Upcycled Red Felted Wool Flo… catpainter $3.75 SALE – girl in blue skirt – … ObjectsOfAffec… $6 Fuchsia, Rosey, Crimson, not… SusanHazelRich $42 Mischief the octopus xoxi $45 Toddler Upcycled Chalk Board… vintagerenewal $250 Fall Forest ... Read More »

Handmadeology Featured Artist – Silent Goddess

‘Handmadeology Featured Artist – silentgoddess’ by TimothyAdamDesigns Amazing work by silentgoddess. Poppy silentgoddess $34 Silver Sapling ring – made t… silentgoddess $45 Dogwood silentgoddess $29 Poppy ring – made to order silentgoddess $48 Bubbles silentgoddess $32 Mini Let’s Go Camping – … silentgoddess $36 Copper Maple Tree Art – made… silentgoddess $22 Dogwood – made to order silentgoddess $29 You ... Read More »

Etsy Treasury Spotting – Welcome September

‘Welcoming September’ by SillyBuddy We are glad you came. Halloween Fibre Necklace LoveandDream $30 Foxs are walking on my mind … sabahnur $16 Secret Desire – 8 x 8 Fine A… StudioMarlene $9 Country Farm Girl Jewelry – … SimpleJoysPape… $42 Traveller’s Socks / EU 3… RGsocks $32 Cambridge Dreams – fine art… Raceytay $25 Page Relief Sculpture – Vint… ... Read More »

Etsy Treasury Spotting – Pop Goes the Weasel

‘POP! Goes the Weasel….’ by SpareBedroomStudio For one reason or another (some obvious, others not so much), all of these interesting listings were found under the search term POP! Sky Lanes Bowling – 5×5 Fine… BeesAndTrees $10 Ribcage with Heart xlessthan3 $10 KW Moxiedoll $45 25 paper straws – grey/white… thelionandhipp… $3.75 Jelly Bean Earrings BrokenFingersA… $23 8 x 10 ... Read More »

Etsy Love – What Sellers And Buyers Think About Etsy

Handmadeology fans talk about what they think of Etsy. Carol Zocholl:  Its a place to reach lots of people! Tracy Rodriguez Prince Etsy is an ENABLER!! They enabled me to be a successful at home Mom! Thanks guys! Heidi Versluis Pruitt Etsy has given me courage as a seller to try new things! It was a new way for me ... Read More »

Decorative Tissue Band – A Tutorial

I absolutely love tutorials! I can’t get over how talented people are and how many fabulous ideas there are out there! Being that I’m a lover of tutorials, I thought I should perhaps start sharing some of my techniques/ideas for making items. So we’ll start with a short, simple tutorial. One for decorating packages, be it for shipping items from ... Read More »

Etsy Treasury Spotting – In the Year 2000

‘In the Year 2000′ by senzafina In the year 2000, we will all have robots to hold our photos, adorn our clothes, flavor our food, decorate our homes, and deliver messages. Silver and Red Ted Robot Scu… RobotsAreAweso… $40 Living in the Afterimage scu… Spiderwebs $30 Toy Robot Cufflinks BRASS Pl… CosmicFirefly $45 Steampunk Jewelry – ROBOT RI… CatherinetteRi… $225 ... Read More »

How To Add a Live Etsy Treasury To Your Facebook Fan Page

With the launch of Whale Shark Websites's Etsy treasury HTML code generator the opportunities  to spread the word about handmade are even greater and easier! I my last how-to I taught you how to add a live treasury to your blog, now I am going to show you how to add a live Etsy treasury to your Facebook Fan Page. ... Read More »

Etsy Treasury Spotting – Retro Chocolate

‘Retro Chocolate…’ by theteabagzlady A wonderful collection of retro “chocolate” finds… 18 Wool Felted Pebbles in Br… StemellinaSupp… $15 Gourmet Toffee Hot Cocoa (La… tetoncocoacomp… $20 16 inch brown and green retr… plonkahome $24 Set of 5 Wool Wrapped Stacki… mysticfibers $30 DISCONTINUED COLORWAY 25 PER… woolcandy $17.25 Nagaland Red Lantern Earring… handmadebyanne… $14 Edible Chocolate Filled Acor… andiespecialty… $40 ... Read More »

Etsy Treasury Spotting – Cranberries

It’s now September, which means fall is right around the corner! It is my favorite time of year and the cranberry color is perfect for the season and is a smell that reminds me of fall. ‘Cranberries’ by perfectlypaper Time to light the cranberry candle that means fall is coming! THE DAY LABOURER. cranberry … Beesnetta $250 Cranberry Pearl Linear ... Read More »

Tools Of The Handmade Trade

I recently asked the Handmadeology facebook fans what tools they could not live without! What a great list! sewing needle, emb. floss, and thrifted sweaters round and flat nosed pliers dental picks my hands Fiskars rotary cutter imersion blender elderly 1973 Kenmore sewing machine pencil coffee pot pen and paper drill or my torch modgepodge jewelry saw and stick blender ... Read More »

Etsy Admin Gives Advice To Newbie Etsy Sellers

Etsy admin HeyMichelle give her detailed tips for newbie Etsy sellers on getting more views and sales.  Here is a little peek at what she had to say! HeyMichelle says: Hi everyone, The most common questions that I’m asked in our Newbie Chat sessions in the Virtual Labs are about how to get more views, and make more (or any) ... Read More »

Ask The Etsy Experts!

Have you ever wondered how the top sellers on Etsy do what they do? How did they get so many sales? What their marketing plan is? Or even where do they find the time? I am starting an exciting series of in depth interviews with some of the top sellers on Etsy. I will be interviewing sellers from many different ... Read More »

How To Protect Your Custom Work

Here is  must read article for any artist creating custom work. It covers a quick story and how to protect yourself with a paper trail. National Jeweler Network: In this case, because of the jeweler’s careful paperwork, the terms of the contract were very clear. She and the customer agreed that: 1) The jeweler would design and produce a ring ... Read More »

20 Tips For Boosting Your Creativity

There are times where all of us need to create, design, and come up with new ideas, but sometimes we get tuck in a creative rut.  Here are 20 tips to help boost your creativity. Here are a few highlights! Be committed to your creativity Make time Fight your fear of failure Create a flow chart Read all Tewenty @ ... Read More »