Monday , 24 June 2019
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Autumn is Going to be Beautiful

You have the traditional browns, oranges, and yellows... but I love the pops of bright pink and blue, and the addition of the deep teal. While maybe not your traditional color choices for autumn, I think they are beautiful together and are reflective of the colors you see in nature during this season. Read More »

Planning Ahead to Maximize Fall and Winter Profits

Planning Ahead to Maximize Fall and Winter Profits When there is a heat index of 115, the last thing I want to do is crochet dog hats to sell at Christmas time. However, that is just what I’m doing this week. I have three holiday seasons on Etsy under my belt, and I’ve learned that the holidays are the best ... Read More »

Paper Fox Tutorial and Template

This tutorial came about last week when I searched Etsy for some last minute birthday gifts. I found the cutest paper dolls! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to buy them and have it shipped in time for her birthday. Read More »