Monday , 21 May 2018

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Photography Lessons I’ve Learned

From only being able to use the basic settings on a point and shoot digital camera to being able to use the manual settings on the DSLR camera to get a great photo. I have read my camera’s manual as well as numerous articles and tips on product photography. I know I still have a lot to learn and I can’t wait to see what my photos will look like a year from now! Read More »

Etsy Tips – Relisting Power 2:1 Ratio

Many of us have Etsy shops, and "Relist" items frequently. Some of you may even use automatic relisting services. I wanted to tell you some things I did this year with my re-listed items because I've noticed a big difference in their sales ratio by making small changes. Read More »

Tips for Art Festival Success in the Rain

MagMoment says: Today was a rainy day at the Sandy Springs Festival in Georgia. I am ever the optimist and sold more art than the dry day before. Yes! That’s the first lesson in today. The second is — Here is a list of supplies for rainy art shows because my tent leaks: extra trash bags and baggies of different ... Read More »

To the Top- Etsy Treasury Tips

There are hundreds of Etsy treasuries being made every week. Etsy treasuries can be a great way to gain some exposure for an Etsy seller. The top treasuries get the most exposure, but getting to the top requires a few steps. Read More »

Simple Product Photography Setup

I listed some Vintage Lavender Eye Pillows on my website this week and thought would I share just how easy it is to make a decent little area for a simple photo shoot. Mind you, there are many, many more blogs with professional looking photos and tutorials, but this one will show just how quick and easy it is to get you started. Read More »

Tips On Getting Your Handmade Craft Featured In A Magazine

I have been screaming it from the mountains so if you have been out of earshot I will tell you now. The Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas Magazine released yesterday and my Pocket Peeper Stockings are included in it! Even though it was completely a shock to have been found on Etsy by a powerhouse of a magazine such ... Read More »

Top 10 Handmade Business Articles of 2013

2013 Top handmade business articles

    2013 was a year of growth for Handmadeology, with over 2 million visitors and 4 million page views!  I have put together a list of the top 10 most visited business articles from 2013.  These articles were all not published in 2013, but as you can see they were very popular! Top 10 Handmade Business Articles of 2013 ... Read More »