Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Competitively Speaking, Think Abundance

There are currently over 269,000 open shops on Etsy and, I’m proud to say, one of those belongs to me. I’m Lisa Jacobs of the Energy Shop—a spirited little spot where I sell mostly bracelets. Jewelry is a crowded market on Etsy, but I’ve made over 800 sales this year. Read More »

Facebok Tips for Creative Business Owners Part One

Are you using Facebook  to connect instantly with customers in personal way? By using the right social media tools, creative small business owners can have a professional online presence that attracts and retains buyers. I have scoured the web to find some of th best Facebook tips to create an amazing Facebook Page for your business. Tips for Setting Up Your ... Read More »

Writing Expert Product Descriptions for Your Etsy Shop

Great product descriptions are pivotal to engaging customers and helping them to understand what is so special about your product and why they need to purchase it. I have seen many product descriptions on Etsy that are either much too brief, leaving lots of unanswered questions or are very lengthy with unorganized information. Read More »