Saturday , 23 June 2018

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Top 30 Etsy Business Articles Of 2011

Over 2.5 million visitors stopped by in 2011 to learn about running a creative business, check out awesome handmade and vintage items, and to see what the next coolest diy project has been posted. I have put together a list of the most viewed, shared, and liked posts of 2011. Hope you enjoy! Read More »

Your Etsy shop sections are meta keywords in Google’s eyes

Every so often, an Etsy shop needs a restoration or an awakening in the care it receives. Often, shops weren’t setup correctly from the beginning or elements have grown stale and less effective in converting views into sales. ​Etsy Shop Revival is a broken down into 14 practical lessons that will walk you through how to properly go through your ... Read More »

Handmadeology Guest Post

We are always on the hunt for great blog posts to feature.  If you are a blogger in the handmade scene and you have a written a blog post and would like it featured here on Handmadeology, just fill out the form below. I am looking for posts that cover the following topics:  Crafty how-tos, Tips for Etsy sellers, Marketing ... Read More »

31 Days to Build a Creative Business: How to Sell on Etsy {Day 11}

There are alternative options to Etsy, such as Artfire, Meylah, Storenvy, Indiemade, Retailr, etc., and they're all definitely worth looking into. But truth be told, nothing has taken off and stuck the way Etsy has. When I started in 2010, there were approximately 400,000 active sellers on the marketplace. Today, there's well more than a million and counting. Read More »