Wednesday , 25 April 2018

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The Engineering behind Selling Online

The engineer in me makes me analyze everything I do, it is undoubtedly my biggest pitfall. You are a craftsperson and an entrepreneur, but did you realize you are an engineer too? All artists are secretly engineers. You use an engineering process daily that takes your product from idea to selling in your Etsy shop.   It is known as a ... Read More »

How to Decorate Your Bedroom French Style

How to Decorate Your Bedroom French Style The popularity of European themed décor has surged over the past few years. One of the most sought after themes is French. A French style bedroom adds aesthetic and visual appeal to your home. The best thing about French style is that you don’t have to make much effort or spend too much ... Read More »

Common Etsy Forum Topics Answered

Why don't I have any sales? As a crafter and small business owner, you need to hustle to make sales. Etsy is a tool for you to use to sell your work, but ultimately you alone are responsible for getting out there and making sales. Read More »

Crafty Links – Social Media Pains – Photo Editing

Hi! Since the holiday shopping season is in full swing, marketing tips and ideas are even more important. That’s why each and every week I scour the interwebs and gather the best tutorials, tips, and other helpful links to help market your handmade arts and craft business. In addition, I’ll post links to cool crafts I’ve seen, and blogs I ... Read More »

100k For Handmade – Handmade Links November 3, 2010

100k For Handmade keeps it’s fans up to date everyday with the latest links from the handmade community. Here are a few top articles and stories from the past few days.  Enjoy! Motherload of Creative Thanksgiving Day Ideas — Tip Junkie laney butler photography | going home to roost Monday in Stitches : Craftee anything that can be reframed should ... Read More »

Submit a Tip

As you know Handmadeology is dedicated to helping the handmade community.  Here is your opportunity to help the community and your self at the same time. The Handmadeology Team is looking for your tips.  Tips that will can help other sellers, bloggers, crafters, and so on.  When you submit your tips to Handmadeology they will be reviewed, and if they ... Read More »

Crafty Connections

Hi! I’d like to welcome to this week’s Crafty Connections! Every week I scour the interwebs and gather tutorials, tips, other helpful links to help with your handmade craft business. In addition, I’ll post links to cool crafts I’ve seen, and blogs I think are worth following. Enjoy! 10 sites for Do it Yourself Projects These ten DIY websites can ... Read More »

The Handmadeology Team

The Handmadeology Team is dedicated to the handmade movement and exists for the purpose of teaching artists how to successfully sell their handmade goods online, and to feature the newest handmade, vintage and supply items found on Etsy.  Join the Team Meet the Team: Handmadeology Editor: Timothy Adam I am a self taught metal artist, and a certified Mig welder. ... Read More »