Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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The Road to 1000 – Mystic Stone Jewels


I create what I create because I love to see the expression on people's faces when they fall in love with a piece. I bring joy to others and there is no greater joy in life. I love to see when a piece sparks something inside someone else; bringing to life a feeling or emotion, a possible memory. I am able to provide that, and there is no greater feeling of fulfillment for me. Read More »

Your Etsy shop sections are meta keywords in Google’s eyes

Every so often, an Etsy shop needs a restoration or an awakening in the care it receives. Often, shops weren’t setup correctly from the beginning or elements have grown stale and less effective in converting views into sales. ​Etsy Shop Revival is a broken down into 14 practical lessons that will walk you through how to properly go through your ... Read More »

Etsy Shop Critique – Thief and Bandit

Etsy shop critiques

I have been critiquing Etsy shop since 2008! I love looking through other sellers shops and finding little tweaks they can make to help their shop grow. Today I am joined my good friend Jason Malinak from Etsy-Preneurship for a very special Etsy shop critique. Read More »

The Road to 1000 – Red Daisy Art Designs

red daisy

. We put our first bracelets in a store located in our neighborhood, East Nashville called Eclectic Nashville. This was a fantastic small retail space that showcased local and Regional artists. At the time, we were thrilled that our Etsy shop had introduced us to a retail opportunity. Read More »

Great inspiration for an Etsy home studio / Office!

re desk

‘Home Study / Office inspiration ‘ by suus802 Reclaimed Scaffolding Board … inspiritdeco $795 Vintage Industrial Lamp, ora… DelicateRetro $99 Wood Desk Organizer / Wood C… KROMMdesign $35 Winston Churchill Quote Offi… CrossbowPrinta… $3.5 Work Hard, Be Kind, Stay Hum… InkandHope $9.95 Funky Retro Harris Tweed uph… RescuedRetroVi… $700 French Provencal Curvy Desk … WalterSilva $32 Driftwood Weekly Calender CosyHearts ... Read More »

Etsy Success Tips from Rebecca Kneale of Sew Happy Girls


Stories like this are fuel for my passion to see Etsy sellers thrive! Rebecca was in a difficult place and went to work with her strong desires. Her business evolved until it found a niche. She’s not complacent either – she’s looking for ways to grow and improve her business and her dreams keep expanding as she tastes new achievements. Read More »

2015 Best Trends – Mint, Green & Blue


’2015 Best Trends – Mint, Green & Blue’ by ksiu13 Succulent Planter Flower Pot… BerriesForBell… $9.5 Pendant light green polymer… JewelryFloren $70 Eco-friendly, knitted neckla… Strickzeit $12 bridal flower, bridal bouque… FlowerDecorati… $30 MINT Jewelry Box – SHABBY CH… HuckleberryVnt… $45 Mint Cable Knitted Headband,… ThreeBirdNest $36.8 FREE SHIPPING, Amazonite & P… BelladonnasJoy $48 Gentle Reminders Pencils- Mi… ACDShop $12 ... Read More »