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How To Turn Your Etsy Views Into Sales

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I believe that turning your views into sales starts at the core of your Etsy shop. When I say core, I am talking about, your shop name, shop announcement, banner, public profile, about page, policies, Etsy and Google SEO, product titles and tags, product photography, and pricing. Read More »

Quick Etsy Tips From Real Etsy Sellers – Alin Yerushalmi

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Too often, I see Etsy banners that don’t fit together with products. For example, a rainbow of colors in the banner when the products are all earth tones or a banner that is heavy on geometric angles when the products are curvy. Don’t cause dissonance in your shop – make it a place of harmony. Dark banners with light products don’t mix . . . you get the idea. Read More »

Handmadeology Market Goes Mobile


We are thrilled to share with you that Handmadeology Market is going mobile today. What this means is that our customers can shop in all forms of screen may it be computer, tablet, or smartphone. It gives the convenience to our customer to shop with you at any time from any device. We have made significant updates to the market: Read More »

Pin and Be Pinned – 12-3-2014

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Pinterest is one of the top social media sites for creative business owners!  The more your items get pinned the more traffic and sales you will get.    Pin and Be Pinned is a FREE way to get your items in front of the Handmadeology readers and also get your items pinned on Pinterest. Each week we will feature 3 ... Read More »

Monica Potter, Cleveland, and Handmade


Monica grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, about an hour from where my wife & I grew up, and she just launched a new company, Monica Potter Home, that is employing Ohio artisans. How amazing is that? Right now, all her products are available online, but in 2015, she is opening a brick and mortar store in Garrettsville, Ohio, that will employ even more local people. Read More »