Friday , 23 August 2019
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How to Deal with Business Decision Paralysis

Decision paralysis is when there's a decision that needs to be made, like where to start on making your wreath patterns, but there are so many choices that you get stuck, not knowing which choice to make. So you do nothing. You stop. You become stagnant. Read More »

The Art in Salvage

I really enjoy finding a new purpose for something that would otherwise have gone into the trash. Either for protection of my workspace or for working it into my creation, potential garbage turned purposeful really makes me happy. Read More »

Interview with Amy of Funamals

Get to know Amy of Funamals. This is a tale of painting at an early age, and her love for animals helped her achieve doing what she loves to do! She makes custom pet portraits, and fun animal watercolor paintings. Her work appears on other items such as necklaces, greeting cards, and water bottles! Read More »

Using Twitter to Entice More Etsy Listing Views

Many of us selling handmade are trying our hand at Twitter. Us noobs have looked up "Twitter Etiquette" in an attempt to "get" the 140 character limiting social network. There are some typically common threads of advice we've run into. The two main ones I've come across are thus: Read More »

Hey Handmade Featured Items – Accessories and Jewelry

For you or for a friend this Layered Leaf Necklace is the perfect reminder to live green all year long. I created this one of a kind necklace for that very purpose. I wanted them to be uniform, so these leaves were formed in a mold that I made. I left a matte finish for a very natural look. The beads are strung together with brown seed bead accents and a gold plated clasp. Read More »