Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Airplants, wood, functional machines, and jellyfish

‘Taste test’ by Tangentine Airplants, wood, functional machines, jewelry, functional design, interesting art, jellyfish and the moon. Yup, that sounds about right. Coffee Table With a Collecti… xenasdad $600.00 Great Big Bottle of Air Plan… TortoiseLovesD… $29.50 Roots etching intaglio print… HelenGotlib $325.00 Sparkle Kite – Signed Origin… NatureandUrbs $29.00 Dark City no7 – SAN FRANCISC… NestaHome $35.00 Modern walnut ... Read More »

Simple Etsy SEO Video Series – Part 1 Keyword Focus

This is the first video in an ongoing series on Etsy SEO. Each week we will be covering ways to improve your Etsy SEO. We will also be answering questions and even doing some Etsy shop critiques. This week we are covering how to focus on one keyword and properly placing it in your shop. Simple Etsy SEO Video Series ... Read More »

My Etsy Story – BeatrizFortes

I always loved jewelry. As a kid, I would drag my mother to see all the pretty pieces - no matter if it was a high end fine jewelry store or a handmade piece in a craft show. No mass produced, cheap costume jewelry, though - I was quite the young snob! Read More »

The Entertainer – Keeping the Studio Fun and Interesting

The Entertainer Keeping the studio fun and interesting – it’s good for you, it’s good for business Top hats for dogs are not exactly the paradigm of practicality. Dressing my dog up like Godzilla and designing a miniature city for him to destroy is not really how I would describe a hard day at work. But I don’t create everything ... Read More »

Invite Spring In – Lovely Etsy Home Decor Finds

We are so very close to the fresh air and sunshine of springtime – why not get ready for it by bringing these fun, spring-inspired items into your home? Open up those windows and invite the new season in with these lovely Etsy home decor finds. Dainty and beautiful and they last a lot longer than flowers, these tiny terrariums ... Read More »

Form and Function

Purpose:  Take a look at your items, why you’re creating them, and how you can improve them, whether through a better description or expanding available options. In order for me to spend my money, most of the time it absolutely has to meet the form and function test.  I have the worst wardrobe, because I will select items, carry them ... Read More »