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For online shopping, pictures and descriptions are all you have to go on when deciding whether to purchase an item or not, and for this reason I always appreciate sellers who make good use of their photo slots.

Photo Collage Tutorial – Making the Most of Your 5 Etsy Pictures

If you’re familiar with buying or selling on Etsy, you probably know that sellers are allowed to include 5 photos in each listing. For online shopping, pictures and descriptions are all you have to go on when deciding whether to purchase an item or not, and for this reason I always appreciate sellers who make good use of their photo slots. In my own shop, I make sure to include as many angles as possible to really show my work. Sometimes it seems that I actually need more than 5 photos to accurately show all the details such as closeups, clasps, color choices, etc. My solution is to include a photo collage when necessary so that the buyer can make an informed decision about purchasing my items. Here are a few examples from my shop:

Daisy Bouquet Locket Necklace

Summer of Love Guitar Pick Earrings

Retro Owl and Mushroom Charm Necklace

Book Lover Locket Necklace

Mama and Baby Snail Magnets

Mushroom Garden- Maintenance Free Mini Terrarium

Global Love Necklace- Proceeds Donated to American Red Cross

Creating a collage is actually a pretty simple process using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. And for those of you who have no interest in product photography, I’ll show you how you can use these collages for personal photos too!

Here’s a little template I’ve put together to demonstrate a layout I often use for my collages. All image sizes are measured in pixels. The largest photo is 600 pixels wide by 1,000 pixels tall. The smaller photos along the side are all 400×325.

Collage Template

The first step is to open Photoshop and create a new image. Click “file” and then “new”.

When you click “new”, a box will pop up that looks like this. Create your blank image so that it measures 1150×1150 pixels with a resolution of 200 dpi.

Now you will need to open 4 photos which you plan to use for your collage. Keep the template in mind when choosing your photos to make sure they will work well with this layout.

Once you have your blank image and all 4 photos opened, it’s time to start cropping! Select the crop tool and set the width to 600 px and the height to 1000 px. Make sure to include the “px” after the numbers or Photoshop will assume you mean inches, which is WAY too big. You’ll also want to set the crop resolution to 200 dpi.

Now that you’ve determined what size you’d like to crop the image, apply the tool to an area of the photo you’d like to use in your collage. You may want the entire item to show, or you may want to create a closeup affect. Just go with what looks right to you and hit enter to crop the photo.

Adjust your crop dimensions to 400 px by 325 px for the smaller images.

Crop all three of the smaller images. Now that you’re done cropping, your workspace should look something like this.

To drag the photos to the blank image, select the move tool.

Click and drag the largest photo onto the black image. Drag it to one side of the blank image, leaving only a small border of white at the top and side. Don’t worry about the larger border at the bottom, we’ll trim that off when we’re finished.

Now use the move tool to drag the smaller photos onto the blank image.

Move them into place one by one, leaving a thin white border between them.

Almost finished! Now you will want to crop the excess white border from the edges of your collage. Before you start cropping, clear the numbers in the boxes on the toolbar since you’re no longer trying to crop the image to a specific size.

Crop your collage so that the thin white border around the edges is about the same size as the border between the photos.

All that’s left to do now is resize your collage. Click the “image” tab and then click “image size”.

This little box will pop up on your screen. If you’ll be using your collage for your Etsy shop, you’ll want to size it at 1000 pixels wide. If your collage will be used on your blog or your facebook page, you might want to go with a smaller size. I made mine 500 pixels wide. It won’t be a perfect square, but it will be close.


Sweetheart Charms
Sweetheart Charms

These collages are also great for compiling personal photos in a memorable way. So if you had a wonderful day at the park with someone special and you’d like to remember it forever, pick out some of your favorite photos from your trip and make a collage!

Day at the Park

Working in Photoshop caused me quite a bit of frustration when I first started selling online. Now I’ve come to a point where I actually enjoy editing my photos, and I hope you’ll find it enjoyable too. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help.

This project is linked up with lots of other fun tutorials here!

Original Post by : Holly Rocks 

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  1. Great idea. Your photo collages are beautifully done. Thanks for the detailed description! ~Annie

  2. WOW!! Thank you so much! This is something I have wanted to learn ans I just bought photoshop! Perfect timing!

  3. Very cool! I used to do something similar (a collage) in Mac Pages….but I forgot! I will have to try your method also! Thanks!

  4. Can’t afford Photoshop!!! I use picasa, which helps, but I have the ‘basic’-upgrading costs moolah, what funds I have get eaten up buying supplies to make my jewelry….any ideas for other free or low cost photo-editing?

    • I went on Ebay and bought a recent version of Adobe for just over $100. That’s a great savings! I think my version is 7.1 which has all the bells and whistles and works wonderfully!

    • yes :) you can download Gimp for free. It’s much like PS and even has a few features I wish PS had!
      Btw, most name-brand software has an open source version if you look for it. For example you can search “open source Photo Shop” to find something that is free and works like PS. Hope that helps :)

  5. Great article! I have some items that could really benefit from having more than 5 pics. Not to mention the cool family photo collages I could create with this technique! Thanks!!

  6. The greatest and most time saving feature in Adobe that I have found is the “Automate” feature in the dropdown. I take my pics in high res with a high quality digital and then upload them. After that I open Adobe, go to the Automate tab in the dropdown and a screen opens for me to get those pics, assign the news one to a folder place of my choosing, choose the size I want all of the pics to be (usually 600 x 800) and then I hit the button and Adobe takes off, resizes all of them for me in minutes and they are perfect for uploading to Etsy, my website, Facebook, etc. Love it!

  7. Thanks for sharing ! I have to get over my total Photoshop fear, there is so much freedom on this software(10 years ago I used to work on it every day, as a part of my work, I’ve no idea what have happened during those 10 years, I guess i got totally lazy using Lightroom).Thanks again for making this sound easy and fun :).

  8. Wonderful tutorial. Plan to use it in the future.

  9. Awesome! I just did that on my newest listing yesterday! I wanted to show my focal ring on w/ a stack & w/out a stack. Collage is a great solution.I use Lightroom for final tweeks but Googles free Picassa is where I do collage,super simple program. :)

  10. http://www.pixlr is an internet based site similar to Photoshop Elements and free. I’ve not used it too much because I have PSE. It has a learning curve like PSE and not as complete, but more so than Picasa. I’ve also heard Gimp is free and used by many.

    I love your tute, thank you! What a great idea! There are just some items you cannot present well with only 5 photos.

  11. Thank you for being so basic for those of us who are just learning. I am still fumbling with photoshop but I am learning new stuff every day. This is a great help. I bookmarked it. I think I will be referring back often for a while. Thanks

  12. thank you for the great tutorial!!! I definitely need to make a few collages for some of my items.


  13. What a great idea – thanks for sharing how to achieve..

  14. Great idea. The photography part of this online shop/selling bit, seems to be my stumbling block!

    I appreciated your article.


  15. If you make the area transparent where the photos go and save, you will have a template for future use.
    Great idea for Etsy photos. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I’ve wanted to do this for a while now and am so glad that you posted this simple tutorial. I’m familiar with Photoshop so I’ll get right on this!

  17. Great tutorial! I don’t use Photoshop, time I think I started to use one.

  18. I can’t afford Photoshop either right now.
    I have been using Picnic though I am not
    crazy about it, sometimes my pics don’t get saved and have to start over, very
    irritating. But can you do this on Picnic too. I have the free basic one?

  19. I love Photoshop. It is one of my favorite tools for my shops. I really appreciate your tutorial, though. This is quite helpful to me, as I usually use a more organic approach. Yours is much more professional. Many Thanks!

  20. Great tutorial! Thank you so much. I’ll be trying it out on my next listing! I need to show bows with long tails which is a challenge in the square cropped Etsy box. This is a great solution.

  21. The template is the most helpful; visuals always work well with me! Thanks so much for the info. Getting as many pictures as possible along with badges has been an issue, so now I can make a collage with all the badges or a piece of jewelry. Yay!

  22. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  23. Gimp is a free app that is similar to Photoshop. If you google “Gimp download” you can find a place to download it from.

  24. What a great idea and you are so fabulous to show everyone how to do it! This gave me another great idea, so thank you so much!! :)

  25. It’s easy enough even an old woman like me can do it!!

  26. does the same thing for free! It’s so easy, you don’t need to figure out the proportions because it does all that math for you!

  27. this is super helpful. I was intrigued even before I saw it was a full tutorial! Thank you so much for making this!

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