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Pin and Be Pinned – 12-17-2014

Pin and Be Pinned – 12-17-2014

Pinterest is one of the top social media sites for creative business owners!  The more your items get pinned the more traffic and sales you will get.    Pin and Be Pinned is a FREE way to get your items in front of the Handmadeology readers and also get your items pinned on Pinterest.

Each week we will feature 3 items here on the blog from Etsy that our fans have submitted.


1. Pin the 3 featured items

2. Like and share this Facebook Post>>>>>

3. Leave a link to an item you want pinned in the comments HERE.

The Handmadeology team will pick items from the comments each week to be pinned on our boards!  We will also be picking next weeks featured items from items in the comments!

This weeks featured items to be pinned.

( the fastest way is to click on the image and pin from Etsy)






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  1. Thanks so much for including my tree of life earrings.

  2. This is a great promotion. I love the “pay it forward” idea! Thanks so much.


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