Tuesday , 25 June 2019

Pin It To Win It – $250 Gift Card to the Handmadeology Market

Pin it to win it - handmadeology market

This holiday season we want to celebrate local small businesses from the Handmadeology Market.

Social media is the best way to spread the word about any small business, so have created a Pin It To Win It contest that helps promote all the small business owners in the Handmadeology Market. Through the power of the fastest growing social media site Pinterest, sellers in our market will gain tremendous exposure to their handmade and vintage items this holiday season!   Not only will you be helping spread the word about these small businesses, we are randomly picking one lucky winner in 2 weeks that will win a  $250 gift certificate to the Handmadeology Market!

We are excited to have partnered with Microsoft and Meylah to make this contest possible!


To get registered for the contest CLICK HERE



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  1. what a amazing giveaway !! thank you

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