Friday , 23 August 2019
Quick Etsy Tips From Real Etsy Sellers – Alin Yerushalmi

Quick Etsy Tips From Real Etsy Sellers – Alin Yerushalmi

Hi, Jason Malinak of Etsy-preneurship here.  In one day, I look at so many Etsy shops, I sometimes think my eyes are going to pop out of my head!

I want to share quick and simple tips from real Etsy sellers that I work with or come across in my day-to-day interactions.

Alin Yerushalmi

Alin Yurushalmi is a jewelry designer from Israel.  She specializes in wedding jewelry for brides, bridesmaids, and other special occasions.  I met her as a Thrive Member and have always been impressed with her product photography.

The Quick Tip – Featured Images Compliment the Shop Banner


I love to see a banner that “coordinates” with the featured products.  It doesn’t have to be “matchy – matchy”, but you should be able to see a relationship between the products and the banner in the cohesive design aesthetic.

  1.  Look how the neckline of this dress and necklace are the mirror opposite of the shape of the colorful background on the banner (an upside down u and the mirror on the product).
  2. Look at how the colored portion of the banner design mirrors the shape of the doily that displays these earrings (from the top downward and a focus on the shop name and earrings).
  3. Look at how some of the shapes in the banner mirror the shape of this necklace pendant design.
  4. Look at the pink in the banner.  It matches the pink of these earrings.

She probably didn’t plan to put all these design elements together the exact way I am seeing them and customers won’t really notice these specific points at all.  Customers will look at her shop and see something that is aesthetically pleasing.  This pleasing aesthetic will build trust with her customers.  Trust leads to sales.

Too often, I see banners that don’t fit together with products.  For example, a rainbow of colors in the banner when the products are all earth tones or a banner that is heavy on geometric angles when the products are curvy.  Don’t cause dissonance in your shop – make it a place of harmony.  Dark banners with light products don’t mix . . . you get the idea.

If I did have one suggestion for her banner, I would suggest pulling in the turquoise & green color (like this one) used in many of her products.

Check out these other awesome products from Alin!





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One comment

  1. Great designs and aesthetic. I like the look and feel of your shop.

    With more and more people shopping mobile, I think Etsy should show banners on mobile. Maybe they do on the app?

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