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Real Etsy Success Tips – #1 There is NO Magic Etsy Button

Real Etsy Success Tips – #1 There is NO Magic Etsy Button

My number one tip that I tell new Etsy sellers, is to remember that Etsy is not magic.  Just throwing up a bunch of 20 cent listings with no business plan will not bring you the success you are looking for.   If you treat your Etsy business like a hobby you will reap hobby money, but if you treat it like a real business you will bring in the money you are striving for .  Original article10 Real Tips For Successfully Selling On Etsy

I asked a question today over on the Handmadeology Fan page, and as you can see from the 219+ comments running a creative business is not easy!

etsy success tips

 I had to overcome the obstacles associated with sales growth that you have not planned for. Things like inventory management, staffing, production quality, customer relations, etc. It’s been challenging, and I’m still learning and tweaking things, but I’m thankful for the blessings of success and failure along the way smile emoticon!  Stephine from Ooh Baby Designs


An obstacle I have had to overcome in launching my new jewellery range is vastly improving my photography skills. I have invested quite a lot of money in improving my photography, had to learn a variety of new skills and editing techniques I had know nothing about preciously. I am still learning, but very pleased with what I have achieved so far!  – Rose and Rabbit Designs


My biggest challenge this year is figuring out how to get my handmade literary jewelry seen by the book lovers and bibliophiles who would love it if they only knew it was there. It’s an on-going struggle to refine my copy writing / SEO skills and to develop a social media strategy that works for my shop but I think I am getting there.  -  Kerry from C.S. Literary Jewelry


I’ve just started my shop this year and the main thing I’ve struggled with is finding the time and energy to try to have this creative business and help it grow while also working a full time day job… I just recently gave notice to my full time job in hopes of moving forward with my little shop..
Wish me luck! – Fox Lark

fox lark

Our biggest problem to overcome this year is the big “T” word. Technology. Yes, I said it. We are on Twitter, we are on Pinterest, we are on Tumblr and Twitter and, and, and… do people really know how this stuff actually works? Well, I’m still learning, but I’m loving every minute of it.  - Joyce & Elizabeth


I had to learn to balance running my creative side business with my other more income producing business (a service biz). While I enjoy them both, I enjoy the process of growing and marketing a business the most and wanted to focus on my creative business more than the other so finding that balance has been tough but I think I’ve found it and now I can enjoy both businesses. – Bee Inspired Living

bee inspired

Difficulties providing the best customer service I can possibly provide. Sometimes it has cost me money but I believe in the long term, if you treat a customer right they will be a long term customer and always come back. Clair from  The Chalk Spot



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