Sunday , 9 August 2020
Check out these Etsy finds , in the jewelry field, to see what people are doing with buttons.

Recycled Button Jewelry and Accessories

Bakelite vintage buttons by Oritdotan.

I love old buttons, and it appears I’m not alone.  Buttons are growing increasingly popular among collectors and handmade artisans. I sit and wonder just where a vintage button has been in it’s lifetime. Was it in use, or just a spare? If it could talk, what would it say?  It would probably say “Kudos to the artists and crafters that creatively reuse them!”   Check out these Etsy finds , in the jewelry field, to see what people are doing with buttons.

Show Some Sophistication:

Janet from Galla15 loves to use buttons in her jewelry.

This gorgeous ring is sleek and sophisticated, and something to wear when all dressed up.  I asked Janet of Galla15 just why she uses so many buttons in her work?  She explained, “I love classy, feminine, clean lines…. and one day I stumbled upon the vintage glass buttons. They are just stunning and so unique, and they really  fit my aesthetic.  Most of the button jewelry I have seen is more cutesy and geared more towards a younger market which is fine, but I wanted to create a different look.   Hence, a more sophisticated look came about. I am particularly fond of and drawn to the mother of pearl buttons and glass buttons. The shape of buttons, and the location of the holes allows me to create designs that you can’t with normal beads.”   Janet’s shop is full of unique pieces of sophistication.  I love her creations!

Embrace the Adorable:

Speaking of cute and adorable, look what Wuglyees has done with this old button!

Speaking of cutesy, I love this hand crocheted flower adorned with a vintage button!  This would look great while hanging out with friends and being dressed casual. Debbie’s shop is called Wuglyees, and her motto is “where nothing is wasted, not even the ugly.”  One may see an old brown unwanted button by it’s lonesome and think it’s ugly, but not Debbie. She brings new purpose and life to something old.  According to her profile, Debbie’s been crocheting since she was 10 or 11, and her shop is named after a very special bear who is not for sale, but often makes a special appearance in her store.  Her shop is full of these adorable creations such as this one.

Date to be Different:

Cufflinks made from vintage buttons by CompassRoseDesign.

Creek Van Houten, founder of Compass Rose Design Jewelry, has been making stained glass and wire wrap jewelry for the last ten years with vintage and found treasures. I love the unique look of these old buttons being upcycled into cufflinks.  They are the perfect gift for him!  If your man is a suit and tie guy, a little unique cufflink set like this will surely set him apart from the others! I’ have to admit these are so great I’d probably find a way to wear these myself !

Show Some Class:

Fairy Garden no2 spring charm bracelet by LilyoftheVally

This bracelet shows class and is nothing short of of beautiful.  In this case, the picture is worth a thousand words! As Betty describes her creation best, she says, it’s  “full of shabby goodness”.  The buttons transform this charm bracelet into something lovely, unique and full of retro history.  Betty’s shop LilyoftheVally lists items most ever day and you will see buttons used often in her creations.

Add Some Lovely:

DorothyDesigns has many fabric flower pins in stock!

Enter this felt and fabric flower brooch adorned with a button, how lovely!  This comes to you from DorothyDesigns.  When Dorothy’s not working an as artist or illustrator, she’s making these lovely fabric flowers. Each are designed by her, hand sewn and cut.  Her love of vintage buttons most likely stems from her collection of 1930s to 1940s buttons, of which she often uses as flower centers.

Turn a Few Heads:

I love these bobby pins made with vintage buttons by MattieReidChicago

Heather of MattieReidChicago has a love for all things vintage.  She sells vintage clothing in her main store, but loves to reuse and create one of a kind fashionable jewelry in this shop.  Buttons are found in her rings, necklaces, pins, and hairpins such as this set which is so cute and will certainly turn a few heads.  Heather says, “I love vintage fashion and try to implement a little of the past into the present.”   With these lovely hairpins, you can too!

Get Funky:

These are right up my alley FUNKY….by Dream Free Design.

Sometimes, basic is best. Take for instance the look of these funky green buttons with pink polka dots now transformed into wearable art earrings by Kelly Fitzpatrick of Dream Free Design! Nothing like making a funky fashion statement!  These would be great going out on the town, and may turn a few heads.   I love the fact the buttons dance to a beat all by themselves–and now your ears will too!  That’s just the beginning, Kelly has lots in her shop take a peek at this:

Lots of button earrings in stock in Kelly’s shop.

So the next time you go on a quest looking for a necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, pin/brooch, earrings, or some hair accessories make sure to add the keyword “button” to your Etsy jewelry search!

Create What You Love and Be Unique:

If you are creating with buttons, Etsy is a great place to find vintage buttons.  Start a collection and you’ll soon find that special little button calling out to you for use in your crafts.   Don’t worry about being perfect in your creations, in fact, just create what you love. I create what inspires me.  I’m still hearing flack for my seashells-meet-buttons creations, because no one can understand how or why the two go together.  In my mind, the mother of pearl button once came from a shell, so there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. Remember, what you create tells a story about you, and those things you love!

I made this!  My love for seashells combined with a mother of pearl button now serves as a necklace!

Happy Buying, Creating, and Crafting♥ 

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  1. Glad to hear that you have a love of buttons like I do. A few weeks ago I acquired a bunch of buttons and while making jewelry with them, I often wondered the same things as you. Where have they been, what type of garment were they adorning, who wore that garment, etc. It is those types of questions that run through my mind that keep me intrigued with buttons. If you have a minute, check out my button creations:
    Happy creating, Helen

  2. I love all of these buttons! :)

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my Wuglyees button flower crochet necklace here along with other button lovers! How nice to see that I am not alone in my button love!! :-]

  4. These people are so creative. Love Galla15′s work.

  5. Love galla15! Great feature!

  6. Wonderful artists here. Love their use of buttons. Can personally recommend the work of Galla15!!

  7. Congrats re making an appearance on Tim’s site!

  8. Such beautiful creativity! Love them all!

  9. Great post and items! I love galla15′s button rings. I own two of them. They can be dressed up or down and match with so many things.

  10. Thank you so very much for featuring my shop and button creations! I truly do love working with buttons and appreciate everyone’s support.
    Beautiful post, love all the shops featured here!

  11. Lovely creations.

  12. I love all the buttons here but I love the most that ring from Galla’s!

  13. I love what she can do with buttons!

  14. I am thrilled to see Galla’s ring here – what a wonderful choice of her creations!

  15. CalliopeAZCreations

    Love Janet’s Galla15′s sophisticated button jewelry. Anyone who hasn’t seen it is in for a treat.

  16. If you love Galla15′s rings you should see her button necklaces!

  17. The name of my shop says it all…sorry you missed me!

  18. I love buttons, especially vintage ones & I use them in my jewelry, as well! Thank you for sharing your fun stuff!

  19. Great info about alot of shops I was unaware of!! Thanks

  20. The button creations here featuring old and new are just wonderful! I live buttons, I breathe buttons, I love buttons!

  21. Lots of great ideas for using buttons! I love making things from vintage items of all kinds – including buttons!

  22. I collect buttons, sell buttons and make jewelry using lots of vintage components. But…you guessed it, my favorite focal point is a button!

  23. Gorgeous finds! I use vintage buttons on all of my recycled purses & accessories…

  24. I hope next time you’ll come visit my shop too – necklaces, rings and hairpins made exclusively from vintage and antique buttons!

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